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ArdentEnthusiast was the owner of the North County Raiders. He made a minor name for himself with his seasonal Puke Green Socks Rally—an event that encourages users to use the 'lime green' color socks for their team's match kits. His real fame came when he was elected as the National Team manager and served during Seasons 24-25. He stands as one of the most criticized National Team managers in the USA, since he failed to lead the team out of the second round of World Cup VI, due in large part to an unfortunate incident. Despite his subpar (at least in the eyes of the USA users) performance, he re-ran in the next election and lost to Lathrop by a mere six-vote margin, the closest election in the USA's history.

After being posted to Djibouti in real life, he was eligible to discontinue his U.S. team and apply for a new team in any Hattrick nation in existence at the time, as Djibouti was not represented in Hattrick. He did discontinue his U.S. team and founded Puke Green Socks FC in Barbados under the username ardent_enthusiast.

United States Senior National Team
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World Cups
World Cup I (georgeshook): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
World Cup II (georgeshook): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
bobhemprules resigned prior to World Cup III
World Cup III (Slashers): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
World Cup IV (Slashers): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
World Cup V (OnionPatch): Q Group 10 -> II Group 8 -> III Group 4
World Cup VI (ArdentEnthusiast): Q Group 12 -> II Group 3
World Cup VII (Lathrop): Q Group 5 -> II Group 6 -> III Group 1 -> IV Group 1
World Cup VIII (Lathrop): Q Group 10 -> II Group 1 -> III Group 2
World Cup IX (ThomasRongen): Q Group 16 -> II Group 6
rpeters removed from office prior to World Cup X
World Cup X (GM-kevinapps): Q Group 13
World Cup XI (Cataclysmia): Q Group 3 -> II Group 1 -> III Group 1
World Cup XII (Polar): Q Group 9
World Cup XIII (GM-emmpee): Q Group 16
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