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Biaceso_253CA (4972827)
Manager of Ledrense
Manager Information
Gender Male
Language English & Italian
LocationTrentino Alto Adige Italia
Joined 06-08-2006
Favourite team Juventus
Manager Career
Best Result VI division
International Career U-20 Benin
WC XXIX - Scout
U-20 Singapore
WC XXIX - Scout
WC XXX - Assistant Coach
WC XXXI - Coach
U-21 Singapore
WC 1; WC 2 - Coach

Biaceso_253CA (4972827), previously known as Biaceso_QdM, is the manager of Ledrense (1168867), an Italian team, and the current coach for Singapore U-21.



On 6th August 2006 he founded his team.

International Career

Biaceso_253CA started his career as a scout from Benin U-20.

With Benin U-20, he is the protagonist of the triumphant ride (Kazakhstan XXIX) in the mandate of O4k_253CA. In fact, the team managed to achieve Round 4 (the best result ever in the history of Benin).

He is also currently a scout for Singapore U-20 on Lee_253CA's staff, with which he reached Round 2 twice in a row. From 29th April 2020 to 8th June 2020 he assumes the role of assistant coach for Singapore U-20.

From 8th June 2020 to 18th January 2021 he is coach of Singapore U-20 (then U-21), after being elected with 50% of the votes (9 / 18). On 18 January 2021, he was re-elected with 148 votes (148 / 178). On 30 August 2021, he was re-elected for the third consecutive time with 136 votes (136 / 167).


  • National coach in U21 team Singapore