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User Bob la Spugna SSL.png
Country Italia
Team NameSpongeBob Football Club Rieti
Youth TeamJunior Patties


Bob_la_Spugna_SSL è un manager di Hattrick. Essendo un Supporter Platinum, gestisce due squadre: lo SpongeBob Football Club Rieti e il Goofy Goober Rock FC.

Bob_la_Spugna_SSL is Italian manager of hattrick club SpongeBob Football Club Rieti founded on March 05, 2011, and Goofy Goober Rock FC, founded on May 06, 2013.


Bob_la_Spugna_SSL is member of following alliances:


Manager has 19 achievements from 31 which results in 264 achievement points from 998 possible.

Achievement Date Pts
Ach 1 4.png Climbing the ladder 2013-06-03 40
Ach 2.png I want you 2011-03-05 10
Ach 3.png Get out of here 2011-04-20 10
Ach 8.png Practice makes perfect 2011-03-17 10
Ach 9.png Play the Lottery 2011-03-05 10
Ach 10.png Let's do this again 2011-12-29 10
Ach 11.png I want you back 2012-03-06 10
Ach 23 7.png All that skill 2012-02-04 10
Ach 31 3.png Cash is king 2012-06-16 15
Ach 32 4.png We're so loved 2012-05-17 5
Ach 33.png Eternal life 2012-02-05 15
Ach 34.png Investment return 2011-03-11 10
Achievement Date Pts
Ach 6 11.png We're so good Ht star.png 2012-07-21 14
Ach 7.png Friends from abroad Ht star.png 2011-03-15 10
Ach 22 8.png Star collector Ht star.png 2012-04-14 25
Ach 27.png Youthful lineup Ht star.png 2013-07-02 35
Achievement Date Pts
Ach 4.png Stop the press 2011-03-18 10
Ach 5.png The world needs to know 2011-03-29 10
Ach 16 8.png Join my revolution 2011-07-08 5