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User in Canada

Manager of North York FC

Current Defending Champion of the All Canadian Series

Former Nickname: Buggle the Goof

Famous Quotations

"It is not yet the time for a team in III or IV to win the Cup." Of course, that season, the finalists were from III and IV.

"I'm not going to promote this season because its not part of the plan."

"He has ruined his team in order to win the All Canadian."

"I trained general this week.

I feel dirty."

Notable Facts

Hates the United States, anyone who gets aid from the United States (especially if their name starts with "I" and ends with "srael"), anyone who does business with the United States (unless they simultaneously act in a dictatorial manner and promote disastrous economic policies, e.g. Chavez, or accept aid while wanting to kill Americans, e.g. House of Saud), and especially the newly free citizens of Iraq, who he wishes were still squirming under the jackboot of the murderous Hussein family, which he believes is the proper place for Arabs.

Buggle's hobbies include singing "God Save the Queen" and "Oh, Canada" while pleasuring himself to pictures of Pierre Trudeau and fantasizing about Canada not being a third-rate backwater cousin to the most powerful country in the world. His personal heroes include Charles DeGaulle, because he stood up to the evil U.S.; Ramsey Clark, because he has the moral courage and intellectual fortitude to defend Saddam Hussein against charges of war crimes; and Tom Cruise, because of his "sublime, kissable buttocks."