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CHPP-teles (653581)
Hattrick Team CPAM FC
Real Name Telesphore
Age 30
Gender male
Language France
Joined 28.10.2003
Favourite real team  Olympique de Marseille
Other @jetwitaussiTwetterLogo.jpg

My name is Telesphore aka CHPP-teles on Hattrick. I'm the manager of CPAM FC club since 28th October 2003
I'm french France and I live in Alsace

Official member

I'm CHPP admin since November 2010.
I was GM for French team during 3 years from December 2006 to September 2009

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I'm the owner of HTLoto (, a free betting system for all Hattrick maches.
HTLoto was launched on 1st June 2010 and is compatible with OAuth login system.
HTLoto has a twitter account, follow it to get news about HTLoto and Hattrick: @htlotoTwetterLogo.jpg


I'm the creator of PHT (, a free CHPP framework in PHP.
PHT helps developers to create CHPP website linked to Hattrick. All CHPP datas are available though a full OOP interface that makes things very easy.


I also have a personnal blog
And a twitter account (mostly in french), feel free to follow me: @jetwitaussiTwetterLogo.jpg