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Computer_Geek (8930154)
Computer Geek.png
Manager of Day 1 (1989982)
Manager Information
Gender Male
Language English, Tiếng Việt
LocationThành phố Hồ Chí Minh Việt Nam
Joined 15-01-2009
Last update of this page was made 7.09.2019

Computer_Geek, formerly known as Mod-Geek, joined Hattrick on15-01-2019. He got his team, Saigon Geeks, on 20-01-2009 and started to manage the team competitively since then. He became moderator of Việt Nam since 02-08-2009. He have also been in LA team since 25-09-2009.

On 01-05-2019, he got a new team, Day 1. His goal for the new team is "Play hard, have fun and make history".


On Aug. 02, 2009, he officially became a Moderator, thus changed alias from Computer_Geek to Mod-Geek. His duty is to moderate the Vietnamese community's forums

  • Việt Nam
  • non-HT Việt Nam
  • Hỏi đáp (Tiếng Việt)

He resigned the job on Sept. 13, 2010 and the alias was changed back to Computer_Geek.

Language Administrator[edit]

On Sep. 25, 2009, he officially became a Language Administrator to help on improvements the newly added Vietnamese language and other local matters.

  • Regions (finished)
  • Name database (working)
  • Text improvements (working)
  • Event improvements (working)

He resigned the job on Sep. 13, 2010.

National Coach[edit]

On Jan. 05, 2010, he was elected as U-20 coach in Việt Nam during the U-20 World Cup XIV term. He is the first coach to lead U-20 Việt Nam team advance to World Cup. He is also the first coach to lead a Vietnamese national team (NT/U-20) advance to Round III and Round IV (quarter-final). U-20 Việt Nam was ranked 9/124 after U-20 World Cup XIV with 675 rating points.