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GM-Cyntech (10026819)
User GM-Cyntech.png
Manager of Lysdexic Untied
Manager Information
Gender male
Language English
LocationNew South Wales Oceania
Joined 2003-01-29
Favourite team Sydney FC, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Milwall
Manager Career
Best Result 3rd in III division
Community Official GM
Last update of this page was made 19.08.2019

GM-Cyntech is Oceanian manager of Hattrick club Lysdexic Untied founded on 11-NOV-2009. As his username suggests, he's currently a Hattrick Gamemaster for Oceania.

GM-Cyntech also manages:

  • Office Hackers, Oceania, (37196), 27-APR-2016
  • Stormshield Dwarves, Hattrick International, (2050540), 04-MAY-2017

HT History

Cyntech started Hattrick in January 2003, founding the team Bathurst City. He became involved in the OC, including ANZFED Vice Presidency, hosting a Hatstats server until the project's end in 2008 and culminating in becoming a Hattrick staff member (Mod, then a GM) before stepping down from Hattrick in 2008.

Cyntech returned to Hattrick in November 2009, with the founding of Lysdexic Untied.

On 20 May 2011, Cyntech was once again brought into the GM ranks, selected to replace YamahaR1 as Mod/GM for Oceania. Cyntech is the current NT manager for Oceania.

Other Teams

  • Bathurst City, Spain, (439763), 07-May-2013 to 06-Jan-2016

Notorius Elements

Sucky Youth Pulls

Cyntech liked to brag/complain that he's never promoted an Excellent youth pull in the entire time he's played Hattrick. This ended after 2820 days, on 13-OCT-2010, when Cyntech promoted a player from his Youth Squad with Excellent playmaking. This is possibly the longest period, by an Oceanian Hattrick player, a team has gone without an Excellent youth pull (confirmation needed).

Doing a Cyntech

Much to the embarrassment of Cyntech, he was eliminated from the Oceania Cup in the second round to a bot team after subsequently underestimating his trainee's abilities.

Any untimely elimination from the cup was subsequently known as 'Doing a Cyntech'.

GM-Kitto beat this feat some time later, by being eliminated in the first round and 'Doing a Kitto' was coined, but Kitto has since stated that he would gladly give this title back to Cyntech.

Nowadays, the first round of the Oceania Cup is affectionately known as the "GM-Kitto Memorial Round", with round 2 known as the "Cyntech Memorial Round" in honour of their auspicious achievements above.

Community Involvement

Cyntech has been involved with the Oceania HT community in some way or another in both stints in Hattrick. As mentioned above, he co-hosted Hatstats, but was also involved in the Oceania National Teams Forum, known as the Torps Forums, Code-H or now, the ONF. He has assisted with the organisation of tipping competitions on the Oceania HT forums as well as other useless statistical information.

On 28 February 2012, Cyntech was elected NT manager for Oceania for seasons 36/37 (World Cup 18). He managed Oceania to third place in Qualifier Group 15, only missing out on qualification by 1 minute in the last game. On 8 July 2019, Cyntech was elected NT manager for a second term for Oceania for seasons 60/61.

The OH Show

In April 2011, Cyntech became the news reader for the internet radio show, The OH Show, which airs on Net Game Radio on Sundays.

CHPP Development

Cyntech is a programmer and has dabbled with a few CHPP projects in the past. He's also written applications pre-CHPP as well. Post CHPP 2.0, Cyntech has re-released Hatstats (see below).




GM-Cyntech is member of following alliances:


Manager has 18 achievements from 31 which results in 307 achievement points from 998 possible.

Achievement Date Pts
Ach 1 4.png Climbing the ladder 2012-02-27 40
Ach 2.png I want you 2009-11-13 10
Ach 3.png Get out of here 2010-12-23 10
Ach 8.png Practice makes perfect 2009-12-04 10
Ach 9.png Play the Lottery 2009-11-11 10
Ach 21 5.png Cup Heroes 2011-04-06 10
Ach 23 4.png All that skill 2012-04-21 30
Ach 31 4.png Cash is king 2010-11-27 5
Ach 32 3.png We're so loved 2011-09-01 15
Ach 33.png Eternal life 2012-05-29 15
Ach 34.png Investment return 2009-11-18 10
Achievement Date Pts
Ach 6 10.png We're so good Ht star.png 2012-01-11 17
Ach 7.png Friends from abroad Ht star.png 2009-12-23 10
Ach 22 6.png Star collector Ht star.png 2012-10-07 35
Achievement Date Pts
Ach 4.png Stop the press 2009-11-16 10
Ach 5.png The world needs to know 2009-11-12 10
Ach 14.png National hero 2012-10-09 50
Ach 16 7.png Join my revolution 2011-01-14 10

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