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Ruthless Wreckers FC
(31717), managed by dawood13
Founded 16.07.2005
Location Mumbai, Template:Flag/INDn
Prize shelf Division III.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision II.PNG
League Golden League
Arena Wrecker Park (cap. 80000)
Coach Template:Flag/FIN Arturo Álvarez (44371908)

Ruthless Wreckers Fc is a Hattrick club from India.

Founded on 16-07-2005, RWFC has fought its way to the golden league. A team which was taken over when only 2 rounds were remaining, manager Dawood guided them towards safety from relegation and then started building a squad which would eventually go on and win the same league the following season.

Promotion saw them being thrown into a the toughest Div II in india. Dawood motivated his players and caused a few upsets but could not do enough to avoid relegation. A relegation which would send them to a relatively easy div III. But destiny had other plans for this club. Hattrick was in the process of De-botification. All the bots were removed from the game and RWFC would find itself gettin auto promotion once again. The same story followed. Some upsets and yet another demotion. Fans were startin to call for dawood`s axe but it somehow din happen. Later things would go on to change and the club`s fortune started changing.

The 1`st season after demotion saw RWFC battling against 2 good sides. Chennai Farmers and Shetty Utd. RWFC was crusing to victory in the league but faltered at the last hurdle and Shetty Utd won the title on the final day of the season. Next season saw the complete domination of Chennai Farmers who won the league and auto promoted. 2 season of fustration led to Dawood makin some much needed changes. Then finally a 2nd Div III title was achieved and so was promotion. We managed to promote to Div II.1. Argubably the toughest and most competitive league in India. RWFC fought hard and managed a 5th place finish in league and avoided relegation. The followin season the record was bettered and we finished 3rd. Finally the team was shapin up and we felt we could challenge for the title.

Finally in season 23 and 8 seasons being in charge Dawood guided the team to victory in div II and managed to secure promotion to the golden league.


Season League Indian Cup Trophies
14 6th in III.15 Round 2 none
15 1nd in III.15 Round 2 Division III.PNG
16 7nd in II.4 Round 3 none
17 7nd in II.3 Round 5 none
18 2nd in III.10 Round 4 none
19 2nd in III.10 Round 4 none
20 1nd in III.10 Round 4 Division III.PNG
21 5nd in II.1 Round 5 none
22 3nd in II.1 Round 5 none
23 1st in II.1 Round 5 Division II.PNG