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Personal information
Country: Irpinia (Country) Irpinia
Gender: 100% M

Hattrick related information
Italy Irpinia (Country) U.S. Irpinia
Liechtenstein U.S. Vaduz Closed
Domus Pulchri Ludi Italy Irpinia (Country) U.S. Alta Irpinia Closed
Domus Pulchri Ludi Croatia U.S. Zara Closed
Domus Pulchri Ludi Sri Lanka U.S. Wattala Closed
Sri Lanka U.S. Ratnapura Closed
USA Santa Monica 2021 Closed
Russia Lokomotiv Vladivostok
Madagascar Lokomotiv Antananarivo Closed
Syria Red Star Aleppo
Joined: 24 June 2008

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ErNanna (8187934) is the manager of U.S. Irpinia, an Irpinian team. He managing the team since 24 June 2008. He managing the youth team Gioventù Irpina also. Since 6 May 2013 he managed U.S. Vaduz and since 8 October 2013 Pro Vaduz too. He closed this team on 7 April 2021 when he decided to manage the American club Santa Monica 2021. He also managed the Hattrick International teams U.S. Alta Irpinia since April 25 2017 and since 24 of June 2017 Alta Irpinia International Youth Club too, until the end of the season 2, U.S. Zara since June 8th 2018 to 14 July 2018, U.S. Wattala and Pro Wattala since 13th November 2018 to 15 November 2018. Since 15 November he's the owner of the Srilankan team U.S. Ratnapura and its accademy team Ratnapura Gems. To him are dedicated the Coppa ErNanna and "ErNanna" Club World Cup; from his mind started the Unofficial ErNanna's teams World Championship.

Unofficial Clubteams World Championship

16 times UCWC

Memorable moments

Italian Record Irpinian Record

Important Honours

U.S. Irpinia