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{{hattrick_user | hattrick_user=groenteboer | ht_user_photo=none | real_name=R. Vertegaal |date_of_birth=16-6-1981 |place_of_birth=[[Eindhoven]] |residence=[[Den Haag]] |gender=m |nationality=[[Nederland]] |languages=Dutch |team_name=Real_Groenteboer |ht_join_date=11-10-2004}}
{{hattrick_user | hattrick_user=groenteboer | ht_user_photo= | real_name=R. Vertegaal |date_of_birth=16-6-1981 |place_of_birth=[[Eindhoven]] |residence=[[Den Haag]] |gender=m |nationality=[[Nederland]] |languages=Dutch |team_name=Real_Groenteboer |ht_join_date=11-10-2004}}
'''Groenteboer''' is the manager of [[Nederland|Dutch]] club [[Real Groenteboer]].
'''Groenteboer''' is the manager of [[Nederland|Dutch]] club [[Real Groenteboer]].
[[Category:Dutch Users|Groenteboer FC]]
[[Category:Dutch Users|Groenteboer FC]]

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Personal information
Real name: R. Vertegaal
Date of birth: 16-6-1981
Place of birth: Eindhoven
Residence: Den Haag
Gender: m
Nationality: Nederland
Language(s): Dutch
Hattrick related information
Team: Real_Groenteboer
Joined: 11-10-2004

Groenteboer is the manager of Dutch club Real Groenteboer.