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FC Castles (513187)
Managed by Grungir
Club information
LocationAntwerpen Belgium
ArenaDe Burcht
Fan ClubThe Blue Knights

Grungir is a Belgian user and owner of the team FC Castles.


In the Norwegian mythology Grungir is the spear of Odin. Peculiar fact is that this spear, trown by Odin, never misses his mark.

These people support Grungir

Grungir likes to thank his actual 6 supporters:

De_Ryck (De_Ryck), fcb_tigers (fcb_tigers), kingolos (kingolos), leavindj (leavindj),
Matcho93 (Matcho93), SG1990 (SG1990)

and his former 21 supporters:

Rokavo (Rokavo), Smetje (106652), Sir_Svenssen (Sir_Svenssen), killjet (killjet),
Toracho (188483), Interivar (148691), gealic (512242), JoachimVD (194003),
bjell (747004), castor_troy (192763), pandaf (316536), JIMGO (320405),
carolien69 (320021), FCB-elrio (316802), prasinosvaronos (925255), Asarja_C (804173),
Narcotica (739466), Brujas (Brujas), Dunkleosteus (Dunkledingske), Vostje (742723),
Arpegius (193658)


Grungir is

  • Het Volk in The Federation of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In season 19, 22 & 30 Grungir was thrice before Minister van Externe Fedzaken in this amazing federation, who recently celebrated it's tenth birthday. In season 24 he was Minister van Sport. Grungir's former boss, idol and great example is former minister-president dnbrt
  • Jonathan Blondel in Club Brugge KV.
  • Wielertoerist in Wielrennen Is Eigenlijk Leuker