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Karl-Heinz-Spock (2866586)
Hattrick Team Die lustigen Astronauten
Real Name Sven
Age 27
Gender male
Language German
Joined 06-15-2005
Favourite real team  his own

Karl-Heinz-Spock is a German user managing Die lustigen Astronauten (823509).

Main information

Team: Die lustigen Astronauten
Country: Deutschland
Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Starting date: 15.06.2005

Trophies: 4

  • X.612 Champion (season 26)
  • IX.816 Champion (season 27)
  • VII.460 Champion (season 29)
  • VI.743 Champion (season 33)

Started playing HT as Juri_Fenu, his team named Zarathustra e.V., and took part in the German elections for World Cup VIII with that name.
Was later known as HU-Juri, Mod-Sven and no-use-for-a-name, before he changed his name to Karl-Heinz-Spock and took part in the German elections for World Cup XI.
Member of Unelitäre erfolgsgeile Kinder 06/05

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