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Kasperge is the owner of Gaan met die Sjaan, currently playing in division IV of the Dutch league.


Kasperge didn't do anything for hattrick and is a very bad manager. But on the conference he is very good in getting "round" posts, especcially the 1000 ones. Besides spamming he is vice president of "De Dordt Federatie" a federation for people from Dordrecht. He is also very funny, and he has a lot of one-liners.

Although some users think that a logo with a leaf is inappropriate Kasperge thinks there is nothing wrong with it. If logo's which show things that could be illegal if they are used in an unnatural way, almost all logo's which show an object should be banned.


Every election Kasperge does try to win with:
Bondscoach wordt Kasperge,
Iemand anders is pas erg hè?
Gaan met die Sjaan!
Krijgt straks internationals met grote naam!
Dus pak je muis en stem meteen,
Bondscoaches als Kasperge, zijn er geen!
writen by Mavuba


  • Champion of division VI.868 in season 10
  • Champion of division VI.220 in season 15
  • Champion of division VI.73 in season 20
  • Champion of division V.18 in season 21
  • 10th in the Dutch U20 elections