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Kitto (902506)
Manager of Sera's Angels (76384)
Manager Information
Real nameunknown (unknown)
Gender Male
Language English
LocationNew South Wales Oceania
Joined January 2004
Favourite team Aston Villa, Western Sydney Wanderers FC
Manager Career
Best Result 1st place in III
Community Official (NTA), (Mod-) & (GM-)

Kitto is an Oceanian manager, Mod and GM.

He has also been known as Ottik and many other silly names. None of these names have gained him access to the elusive 3rd B.


See also: Oceania Mentors project started by Kitto on 22nd August 2007

As Manager

Kitto's main club is Sera's Angels (formerly Mumi United).

Kitto is also the owner and manager of additional clubs:

As Officer

As National Coach

He has been coach of:



Kitto once stopped a bank robbery by fining them 20k each for using profanities. He can often be found being taunted by fellow members of the Alliance. He has a mortal fear of shrubbery and is allegedly 15 years old. Also believed to be a robot.

Poll king

Partially responsible for taking away the Alliance members ability to create polls by making too many polls.

Hairdresser's car

Kitto can be seen driving around the streets of Hattrick in a car often mistaken for that of a hairdressers.

No 3rd B

Kitto is well known for not only not receiving the 3rd B but scaring it away at an alarming rate.