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[[Category:Belarusian Users|Lasta]]
[[Category:Belarusian Users|Lasta]]
[[Category:Hattrick workers|Lasta]]
[[Category:Hattrick workers|Lasta]]

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Mod-lasta (485234)
Real Name: Sergey
Gender: male
Teamname: Fanipol
Language: Russian
Joined: 29-January-2007

Mod-lasta is the owner and manager of Fanipol, residing in the league of Belarus. He has been NT coach of Kyrgyzstan (during WC XII in Colombia), and became Moderator in 23 October 2008.

Mod-lasta is the first Belarusian MOD in the Hattrick history. Moderator not only in Belarus, he is also present in several other countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.