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Lirion (10777527)
Manager of KSG Borbetomagus (130253)
Manager Information
Real nameStørd Egern (37)
Gender male
Language German
Joined 2010-07-16
Favourite team BSV Kickers Emden
1.FSV Mainz 05
SC Freiburg
VfL Osnabrück
SK Sturm Graz
Cork City FC
Sogndal IL


What else?

Relevant for this wiki

  • To the right, you see my native language. Besides being a German-speaking user from Germany I'm fluent in English and can serve with an advanced level of French. I can read and write Cyrillic and Greek script, but there's languages behind that which I don't really know... By the way, where are Babel blocks? :)
  • Mediawiki experience mainly comes from being a casual Wikimedia/Wikipedia editor and setting up own Mediawikis. Oh yes, does use Mediawiki.

Not so relevant

  • Lirion has become a member of the Latehome Radio crew. The most frequent show to date is sunday's Hattrick Ireland broadcast, which is the only English show on Latehome Radio. Apart from that, his shows are German, too.
  • Lirion codes scripts occasionally and mainly uses Debian GNU/Linux on both clients and servers.
  • Music is a key role in this user's life. Online examples: Musicbrainz,,
  • The user is online in IRC way too much. Perhaps this comes from any other chat application plainly sucking in comparison. Well, Threema is nice - but it's still no competition.
  • Besides, the user strongly believes that any De-Mail, Microsoft or whatsoever approach to mail security is inferior to PGP.

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