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   rf=Hannes Halberg|rfnat=GER|rfno=11|lf=Silver Allikas|lfnat=EST|lfno=21|
   rf=Hannes Halberg|rfnat=GER|rfno=11|lf=Silver Allikas|lfnat=EST|lfno=21|
   sgk=Pavel Nicolescu|sgknat=ROU|sgkno=31|sb=Hauke-Klaus Schneidhofer|sbnat=GER|sbno=13|
   sgk=Pavel Nicolescu|sgknat=ROU|sgkno=31|sb=Hauke-Klaus Schneidhofer|sbnat=GER|sbno=13|
   sm=Nick Höhmann|smnat=GER|swno=18|sw=Bronisław Godek|swnat=POL|swno=20|sf=Frank Leimser|sfnat=GER|sfno=14
   sm=Nick Höhmann|smnat=GER|smno=18|sw=Bronisław Godek|swnat=POL|swno=20|sf=Frank Leimser|sfnat=GER|sfno=14

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As the title says: play-around and testing. So leave this page alone, it is for no-one but me. Relevant and finished content will be moved out of here, that's fer shoore :)

Don't touch me


No. Pos. Nat. Name Matches Ranking
1 GK Germany Marc Burkhalter 1 Half star.gif
2 CB Norway Børre Olsen 2 Star.gifStar.gif
3 CB Sweden Noa Pettersson 2 Star.gifStar.gif
4 WB Germany Stephan Ankum 2 Star.gifStar.gif
5 WB Germany Sascha Vorburg 2 Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif
6 CM Germany Konrad Holt 1 Star.gifStar.gifStar.gif
7 WM Sweden Tim Åhlfeldt 1 Star.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
8 WM Chile Norberto Pérez 2 Star.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
10 CM Romania Radu Mitrea 1 Star.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif
11 FW Germany Hannes Halberg 1 Star.gifStar.gifHalf star.gif

Match summary



Line-Up (4-4-2)
Republic of Ireland 1 Packie Bonner
Germany 4 Stephan Ankum Sweden 3 Noa Pettersson Norway 2 Børre Olsen Germany 5 Sascha Vorburg
Chile 8 Norberto Pérez Romania 10 Radu Mitrea Germany 6 Konrad Holt Sweden 7 Tim Åhlfeldt
Germany 11 Hannes Halberg Estonia 21 Silver Allikas

Bench: GK Romania 31 Pavel Nicolescu DF Germany 13 Hauke-Klaus Schneidhofer
Bench: CM Germany 18 Nick Höhmann WM Poland 20 Nick Höhmann FW Germany 14 Frank Leimser