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No. Pos. Nat. Name Matches Ranking


Due to no loop abaility of this MediaWiki so far, we have to use an if expression for each possible row/player (sic). Any other variable can be left blank. You have to provide at least the name for each player you want to insert. Variables are:

nname Player name, mandatory
nno Player kit number
npos Player position, e.g. GK
nnat Player nationality - provide a value Template:flagicon can interpret
nmtch Played matches

...whereas n is the number of the player, i.e. you take care of the initial sorting.

Later Replacement with far less text

Until we have no true loop function, ignore this:

{{ #for: n |

No. Pos. Nat. Name Matches
{{{$n$no}}} {{{$n$pos}}} {{{$n$nat}}} {{{$n$name}}} {{{$n$match}}}