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Real Eindhoven

Legend of Eindhoven

Real Eindhoven logo

Real Eindhoven started in 2004 in May with Hattrick. In the first 2 seasons they became champion and went to leauge VI.556. There started a fight to stay in the leauge but a 7th place was the end. After 1 season VII, Real Eindhoven returned to VI, now in number 929. At the moment this is the 3th season in the VI.929, first year 2th place, second year (because of injuries) 4th place. At this year the biggest succes of Real Eindhoven happened. The 7th round of the KNVB beker was taken after a few difficult matches againt V and IV teams. In the 6th round came Ruyven, the national u20 coach. Real Eindhoven won this beautiful exiting match with 3-2. The last match in the 7th round was against Toppers, but it didn't fucking mather that we lost that match, we were happy with what we did. The competion standed on a second level, but now we want to win the competion and go for the first time in history to the V.