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([http://www.hattrick.org/Club/Manager/?userId=9678729 9678729])
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!colspan="2" bgcolor=lightblue align=center| Personal information

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Personal information
Real name Marius Jakobsen
Gender Male
Favourite teams Man Utd, FK Haugesund
Team name Karmøy Kickers
Language Norwegian
Joined 25.07.2009
Tour de AH*
Team No Team
Race victories 0
Stage victories 3
Tour de AH career*
Season Team
Season 4 No Team
* Correct as of 13. October 2011

Marius_J is a norwegian manager in Hattrick which started his career 25.07.2009.

Karmøy Kickers

He is managing the team Karmøy Kickers (before: jakobsen fk) which currently plays in VI.591 in Norway. At the moment Marius_J is taking Karmøy Kickers to promote to the V-division this season, with a current 1st place on the table. His best club achievements is a 3rd place in VI.591 and reach 3rd round in the national cup in the norwegian season 38.

Federations Chairman

Marius_J is the Chairman in two big federations. The first is a local federation called Rogaland Hattrickforbund (Rogaland Hattrickfederation) and it has around 90 members. The second one is HT-Radio Norge (HT-Radio Norway) which is a federation for a Hattrick radio under progress. Marius_J is the owner of HT-Radio Norge.

National Team & U-20 Team work

The norwegian manager also have a big interest for National Teams and U-20's. He has been a winger scout for Al Kuwayt's National Team and U-20 since December 2010 and he is involved in their community. Marius_J was also a inner midfielder scout for Norway's National Team, but he went out of the job after a while. He has been a candidate in National Team and U-20 elections - two times for the Al Kuwayt U-20 and once for the Ireland National Team, mostly for getting experience with elections, National Teams and U-20s.