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Marius_J (9678729)
Personal information
Real name Marius
Gender Male
Favourite teams Man Utd, FK Haugesund
Team name Karmøy Kickers
Language Norwegian
Joined 25.07.2009
Tour de AH*
Team Team Statoil - Trek
Race victories Volta a Catalunya
Stage victories 4
Tour de AH career*
Season Team
Season 4 No Team
Season 5 - Team Statoil - Trek
* Correct as of 4. December 2011

Marius_J is a norwegian manager in Hattrick which started his career 25.07.2009. He is the national coach of Al Kuwayt National Team seasons 48-51. He is also managing the team Karmøy Kickers.

Federations Chairman

Marius_J is the Chairman in a big federations. It is a local federation called Rogaland Hattrickforbund (Rogaland Hattrick Federation) and it has around 70 members.

National Team & U-20 Team career

The norwegian manager have a huge interest about National Teams and U-20's. He has been a winger scout for Al Kuwayt's National Team and U-20 since December 2010 and he is involved in their community. In the seasons 46-47 he was assistant coach for the National Team in Al Kuwayt, and before season 48 he was elected as the new national coach in Al Kuwayt for the seasons 48 and 49 during World Cup XVIII. Marius_J was also a inner midfielder scout for Norway's National Team, but he went out of the job after a while. He has been a candidate in National Team and U-20 elections - two times for the the Al Kuwayt National Team (both elected), two times for the Al Kuwayt U-20 (not elected) and once for the Ireland National Team (not elected).