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Mavuba is the owner of Cape Holland, currently playing in division VI of the Dutch league. Mavuba has also managed another football clubs, like Inter Zidane and some french clubs. He was also known as the founder of Sealand and mythical spammer from the old days.


Mavuba has managed two football clubs after his active career as a player, Inter Zidane and Cape Holland. As a manager he led Cape Holland to victory in the Sealand Cup, and to 3 league titles. As manager from Inter Zidane, he won one leaguetitle and surprised the Netherlands in the national cup (season 11), when he beats the Knights of the Hokey Pokey (was playing in III.12) from manager Mazaxus in the fith round.

Mavuba was even famous as proffesional spammer, and became the Spamking of Belgium by winning the "Spamtopic IV". Belgium users didn't like it that a dutch manager won, but Mavuba wasn't listening to the jealous critics and continued his spam-career at Sealand.


On September 28th, 2003 Mavuba decided to start a federation. Mainly because he didn't like to have a conference that was supervised by strict MODs, GMs and HTs. That's why he and Buul came up with the plan to pull out to a drilling platform between The Netherlands and England, where only we could be in control of. The federation on the island Sealand soon became a great success, and soon many ships with members arrived!

After a short period of time the federation got the name of being a bad federation, full of annoying, spamming youngsters. For example, within a short amount of time the island found itself in war with some MODs & GMs, but also in a spam-war with OLDER (a federation for people who are thirty years or older.). After a long period of negotiations the battle ended and the peace with the Mods was restored.

Sealand now is known for being a nice cosy federation, where the best spammers of HT-Nederland and België have a great time doing their thing.


  • Champion of division VI.470 in season 8
  • Champion of division IX.650 in season 13
  • Champion of division VIII.696 in season 14
  • Champion of division VII.568 in season 15
  • Winner of The Sealand Cup IV in season 16Category:Infamous Users|Mavuba]]

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