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mk1992 manages his team V.V. Beek (816485) which plays in the VI division of Holland at the moment. He plays Hattrick since july 2005 when he started in the XI division. He won two championships with his team, once in the X division (season 17) and once in the VIII division (season 25). An other succes for him was winning the Knudde Cup III and V in the Friends Of Knudde alliance (AllianceID: 53590)

Personal information
Real name: Martijn Kösters
Date of birth: 1992
Place of birth: Geleen, Netherlands
Residence: Beek, Limburg, Netherlands
Gender: Male
Nationality: Dutch
Language(s): Dutch, English
Hattrick related information
Team: V.V. Beek
Joined: 02.07.2005