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Moon110, often construed as an "arsehole".

Since his hattrick days, he has moved on to become a respected and responsible manager in the game Battrick. He has done so well in fact, that he was recently elected as the Sri Lankan u-19 coach, and recently led his team to defeating England, Battricks largest nation...

He often talks of how he misses Hattrick and the fun that used to be had on the conferences, whilst at the same time destroying his AS-level exam and coursework prospects...

He had some good times on hattrick with users such as Sir Badbobby, moon182 , toby14833 or something like that, rockster, trunky, andrewO, catesy, bud_um_tiss, HT-Hasse, and GM-Jameseh... (if you want your name on this elusive list, please feel free to add it :P

Cant think of something else to say, so i will say this, and only this.