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Manager of Brays Bayou FC, a nondescript club in the USA.

I have mostly done copy editing and spam reversions on the wiki. I created a couple of minor USA-related pages, including the one for MLFC, BjornHolmer, and Split Perssonality. Of late, I've taken an interest in updating some of the World Cup pages, creating some schweet spreadsheets for assisting with a lot of drudge work.

List of Achievements as a club manager

Of the following achievements, this level of "team was ranked" is the least common as of 5 June 2009, with fewer than 7000 other owners also gaining it. My current point total is 277 (out of a possible 983). The most recent achievement was advancement from round 7 of the U.S. Open Cup, on 11 February 2010.


  1. Sold a player (10 pts)
  2. Pulled a youth player (10 pts)
  3. Fan club size reached 2509 members (15 pts)
  4. Bought a player (10 pts)
  5. Player's skill increased (10 pts)
  6. Advanced from round 7 in the Cup (20 pts)
  7. Team was ranked 75 (45 pts)
  8. Squad total TSI reached 609200 (30 pts)
  9. Cash is king (25 pts)
  10. Promoted a player to the Hall of Fame (15 pts)
  11. Sold a youth player (10 pts)


  1. Played an international friendly (10 pts)
  2. Team reached an average match rating of formidable (17 pts)
  3. Team reached 71.5 stars in a match (30 pts)


  1. Wrote a conference post (10 pts)
  2. Wrote a press announcement (10 pts)