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The correct title of this page is nico_himself. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

Nico_himself is one of the most strongminded users. He even once refused 3 months supporter from ZF-Fakteur because he thought it was a waste of money, he told ZF-Fakteur that he could better spent the money on buying bread for poor people.

Every once in a while nico_himself complains about something inside hattrick.
One of his favourite subjects is the working of the Belgian national team and especially the NTBF. Acording to Nico the NTBF is lead by a small group of people (also known as "het clubke") who controle the national team. Nico fights this injustice by dicussing on the forum with everyone crossing his path and this for as long as the opponent is willing to react (hunderds of posts if necessary!). Nico_himself will not change his mind, so be carefull when starting a discussion with this remarkable person!