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O4k_QdM (11763868)
Manager of Mairania FC
Manager Information
Gender Male
Language English, German & Italian
LocationTrentino Alto Adige Italia
Joined 06-11-2011
Favourite team Juventus & FC Südtirol
Manager Career
Best Result V division
International Career U-20 Qatar
WC XXV - Scout
U-20 Campodia
WC XXVI - Scout
U-20 Benin
WC XXIX - Coach
U-20 Singapore
WC XXIX; WC XXX - Assistant Coach
WC XXXI - Scout

O4k_QdM (11763868), better known as Fr4nz, is the manager of Mairania FC (1727652), an Italian team, the past coach of Benin U-20 and a scout for Singapore U-20.



On 6th November 2011 he founded his team.

International Career

O4k_QdM started his career as a scout from Qatar and then from Cambodia.

From March 29, 2019 to October 28, 2019 he is coach of Benin U-20, after being elected with 100% of the votes (3 / 3). At the U-20 World Cup XXIX in Kazakhstan, he takes Benin U-20 to Round 4 (the best result ever in the history of Benin), thanks to a great job of scouting of his staff.

He is also currently a scout for Singapore on Lee_QdM's staff. From 31st October 2019 to 28th April 2020 he assumes the role of assistant coach for Singapore U-20.


Last Announcement

25/01/2020 Restart

Ladies and gentlemen,

The time has come to "change skin" definitively and begin the second life of this team. I am very excited to announce that, with today's victory and qualification, the team will definitely change its name and, at the same time, the new players will be made official, including two Singaporean wings with a stellar future.

Meyes Park will return to shine as it once was, you can be sure of it! ;)

O4k_QdM - Chairman of Mairania FC

Signore e Signori,

Il momento è giunto di "cambiare pelle" definitivamente ed iniziare la seconda vita di questa squadra. Sono molto emozionato nell'annunciare che, con la vittoria e conseguente qualificazione di oggi, la squadra cambierà definitivamente nome e, contestualmente, verranno ufficializzati i nuovi acquisti, tra cui due ali Singaporiane con un futuro stellare.

Il Meyes Park tornerà a splendere come un tempo, potete starne certi! ;)

O4k_QdM - Presidente Mairania FC