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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes Para Para team, NOT the season 22 cup winner. For other uses of Para Para, see Para Para (disambiguation)
Para Para (1525252)
Managed by Abdabs
Club information
Short name Para
Nickname Rosaoro (Pink'n'Gold)
Location Venezia Italia
Continent Latin Europe
Founded 11-09-2006
 (60 000 seats)
Fan Club『egg』とダンスが大好きなギャル
Team colours
     PINK      WHITE      GOLD

Chairman Italia Guarino Facchin
Coach Chile Ruyman Cifuentes
Prize shelf
Series Champions IV.37 (Italy) Season 45 Series Champions V.69 (Italy) Season 44 Series Champions V.69 (Italy) Season 42 Series Champions VI.340 (Italy) Season 38 Series Champions VI.340 (Italy) Season 37 Series Champions VII.752 (Italy) Season 34 Series Champions VIII.1926 (Italy) Season 32 Series Champions IX.891 (Italy) Season 31 Series Champions X.605 (Italy) Season 30
Youth Team
Team name Paradykes On Bikes (2139426)
Arena Campetto di Favaro Veneto
Last update of this page was made 11-12-2012
Para Para was an Italian virtual football club from Venezia. After season 51 the team was "rebooted" with the name CHARGOGGAGOGGMANCHAUGGAGOGGCHAUBUNAGUNGAMAUGG LAFC.
Supported Clubs

Atletico Prepuzio
Folkzanna Team
Grifone CFC 1893
Kaiser Wallace F.C.
Porto San Giorgio S.C.A.
VIGNOLA hattrick club



Para Para was founded 11 September 2006.

A sword with wings was chosen as the symbol of the club. This CREST is depicted in both sleeves of the uniform. SOCIAL COLOURS are pink and gold with white inserts: since season 34, Para Para plays with a pink shirt with one vertical yellow stripe, pink shorts, striped socks.

PARA PARA is a synchronised and richly coded group dance style in vogue in the late 90's among young Japanese. The Para Para dancers are strongly associated with the Tokyo gyaru movement.

The team MASCOT resembles a young Japanese woman dressed in typical 'Gyaru' style.

Gyaru Mascot


☆☆★Para☆Para★Para☆dise★☆☆ is the arena of Para Para. It is named after a popular dance compilation of the genre.

Total capacity: 60 000 seats
  • Terraces: 38 083
  • Basic seating: 12 345
  • Seats under roof: 8 338
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 234

 last improvement: 01-01-2012


Division Season Club titles Players titles
III 46 - 49 none
IV 45, 50 Division IV.PNG
IV.37 Season 45
Argentina Fabián Armando Rodríguez
IV.37 season 45 top scorer with 11 goals
V 39 - 44 Division V.PNG Division V.PNG
V.69 Season 42, V.69 Season 44
VI 35 - 38 Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG
VI.340 Season 37, VI.340 Season 38
Italia Lazzaro Del Vecchio
VI.340 season 37 (17), VI.340 season 38 (17)
VII 33 - 34 Division VII.PNG
VII.752 Season 34
VIII 32 Division VIII.PNG
VIII.1926 Season 32
IX 31 Division IX.PNG
IX.891 Season 31
Føroyar Samal Mattias Poulsen
IX.891 season 31 top scorer with 14 goals
X 30 Division X.PNG
X.605 Season 30


Man of the Season (MotS)[edit]

Goldenball.png The Man of the Season Medal is awarded to the best player of the year, the one who collects more Man of the Match nominations during the season.

Season Nat. Player Age Man of the Match
51 Italia Loris Latella 53 years and 11 days 5
50 Italia Antonio Girelli 48 years and 36 days 4
49 Italia Andrea Cantoni 59 years and 34 days 4
48 Italia Daniele Amadori 53 years and 61 days 4
47 Italia Giovanni Graziano 55 years and 43 days 4
46 Italia Manuel Vallorani 56 years and 24 days 5
45 Argentina Fabián Armando Rodríguez 58 years and 61 days 5 Fabián Armando Rodríguez (Arg) top scorer IV.37 (Italia) season 45 with 11 goals
44 Italia Carlo Teti 52 years and 73 days 5
43 Italia Alfredo Vinciguerra 61 years and 27 days 4
42 Italia Silverio Storchi 54 years and 97 days 3
41 Italia Enzo Chiosi 60 years and 26 days 3
40 Italia Ciro Sironi 56 years and 0 days 5
39 Italia Michele Ciulla 60 years and 35 days 3
38 Italia Lazzaro Del Vecchio (II) 61 years and 61 days 6 Lazzaro Del Vecchio (Ita) top scorer VI.340 (Italia) season 38 with 17 goals
37 Nippon Koichi Sakai 59 years and 3 days 3
36 Italia Lazzaro Del Vecchio (I) 5
35 Italia Marco Diamanti 4
34 Italia Valerio Bressan 3
33 Italia Michelangelo Simeone 4
32 Italia Fulvio Fusina 3
31 Norge Roger Bladström 4
30 Italia Ennio Paccassoni 2

Most Match Played[edit]

Pos. Nat. Player Official Cup only
1 Nippon Koichi Sakai 102 10
2 Italia Silverio Storchi 101 16
4 Italia Andrea Cantoni 97 24
3 Italia Roberto Lordi 88 18
5 Italia Ciro Sironi 80 18
6 Italia Carlo Teti 79 20
7 Italia Valerio Bressan 76 10
8 Italia Loris Latella 75 22
9 Italia Placido Facchin 71 10
10 Italia Lazzaro Del Vecchio 70 9

Most Goal Scored[edit]

Competition Nat. Player Goals Hattrick
Championship Italia Lazzaro Del Vecchio 55 7 0.9
National Cup Italia Antonio Girelli 14 2 0.6
Friendly match Italia Giuseppe Scazzoso 32 - 1.0
Global Italia Lazzaro Del Vecchio 62 8 0.8

Clean Sheet[edit]

Competition Nat. Goalkeeper Minutes (games) Season
Official Italia Giuseppe Panconesi 438' (6) 44
Cup Italia Giuseppe Ricucci 757' (9) 46
Friendly match Italia Vittorio Monaci NA


Seasons Nat. Player Captaincy Pos.
49 - 50 Italia Luigi Franco Pezzarossa 18 7
46 - 48 Italia Giovanni Graziano 50 1
43 - 45 Italia Antonio Cantoni 49 2
39 - 42 Italia Guarino Facchin 44 3
36 - 38 Italia Valerio Bressan 33 4
34 - 36 Italia Cristiano Da Pos 25 5
31 - 34 Føroyar Sámal Mattias Poulsen 25 6



Season   Coach League Final Pos. Cup round Prize
51 Chile Ruyman Cifuentes V.11
Icon trend down.png
Icon trend down.png
50 IV.62
Icon trend down.png
Icon trend down.png
49 III.14 6th
Icon trend down.png
Icon trend down.png
48 III.14 4th
Icon trend up.png
47 III.14 6th
Icon trend down.png
Icon trend down.png
46 III.14
Icon trend up.png
5th 11th
Icon trend up.png
45 Italia Guarino Facchin IV.37
Icon trend up.png
1st 3th
Icon trend down.png
Series Champions IV.37 (Italy) Season 45
44 V.69 1st
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend up.png
Series Champions V.69 (Italy) Season 44
43 V.69 4th
Icon trend down.png
42 V.69 1st
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend down.png
Series Champions V.69 (Italy) Season 42
41 V.69 2nd
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend up.png
40 V.69 3rd
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend down.png
39 Føroyar Sámal Mattias Poulsen V.69
Icon trend up.png
6th 5th
Icon trend up.png
38 VI.340 1st 3rd Series Champions VI.340 (Italy) Season 38
37 VI.340 1st
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend down.png
Series Champions VI.340 (Italy) Season 37
36 VI.340 4th
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend up.png
35 VI.340
Icon trend up.png
6th 1st
Icon trend down.png
34 VII.752 1st
Icon trend up.png
Icon trend up.png
Series Champions VII.752 (Italy) Season 34
33 Nederland Bernard Hooijer VII.752
Icon trend up.png
5th 1st
Icon trend up.png
32 VIII.1926
Icon trend up.png
1st none Series Champions VIII.1926 (Italy) Season 32
31 IX.891
Icon trend up.png
1st none Series Champions IX.891 (Italy) Season 31
30 X.605 1st none Series Champions X.605 (Italy) Season 30


Record Coach Season/Week
Stars 91 Ruyman Cifuentes 49/04
Home HTStats 421 Ruyman Cifuentes 49/03
Home LoddarStats 44.66 Ruyman Cifuentes 49/03
Away HTStats 370 Ruyman Cifuentes 50/03
Away LoddarStats 33.85 Ruyman Cifuentes 48/03
Seasonal Games 26 Ruyman Cifuentes 46
Seasonal Victories 21 Guarino Facchin 44
Seasonal Points 40 Bernard Hooijer 31
Series Victories 13 Hooijer, Poulsen 31, 38
Series Draws 8 Ruyman Cifuentes 51
Series Goals 90 Sámal Mattias Poulsen 38
Series Goal Difference +71 Sámal Mattias Poulsen 38
Series Best Defence 8 Guarino Facchin 44
Largest Victory 0-12 Ruyman Cifuentes 47/03
Rounds Undefeated 25 Bernard Hooijer 30/05 => 32/01
Consecutive Victories 10 Guarino Facchin 44/05 => 44/09

Youth academy[edit]

Paradykes On Bikes is the name of Para Para youth squad since season 48. They were called Para Gyaru Academy from season 41 to 44.
Both teams played in V 69 teen (341272).

Best youth pool (over 250k)
Week Player Price
48/07 Matteo Chiellini 816 000
43/15 Lazzaro Colosimo 690 000
42/09 Antonio Soraruf 435 000
50/04 Gigi Lasagni 407 000
46/07 Alfonso Fanesi 401 000
44/07 Antonio Lipari 355 000
45/02 Sergio Bortoluzzi 262 500
Youth trainer: Føroyar Sámal Mattias Poulsen
Youth Scout: Italia Ennio Paccassoni
Keeper's Scout: Italia Vittorio Monaci


V 69 teen Champions edition 9


Flag chasing[edit]

Visited PLUS hosted: 208 countries
Visited OR hosted: 106       "
Visited AND hosted: 102       "
Hosted: 104       "
Visited: 104       "

Flag chasing[edit]

Hosted countries[edit]


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