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Reetman was a controversial Belgian manager who was active in the years 2003 and 2004 on the Belgian and Dutch conferences. He was famous because of his sexist and discriminating posts on the dutch conference against the Dutch users. He even threatened some Hattrick Managers he didn't like. One of the most infamous managers in Hattrick all time.


Reetman didn't have a lot of time to post since he was banned many times by the Mods. The first time for a short term, but when he continued, the Mods gave him larger and larger punishments. Although he was punished and couldn't post on the conferences any more, it couldn't stop him: he registered a new team to be back on the conferences again.

With the new HT-account he started to post on the conferences; the Mods and GMs reacted immediately by banning him and deleting his team.

After some months of silence in Hattrick, Reetman came back, and told the users that he promised to improve his life and play the game seriously. He told the other users that they should forget about his past. But after a while, managers noticed he was lying: Reetman was insulting users with his posts in federations!

After being kicked from some federations and getting some bans and fines, his team was blocked again. The Hattrick world would never hear of him ever after.

Records Punishment

It's unknown how many bans, fines and teams he exactly had, but one thing is sure, he had the most punishments in Hattrick on his name. He has been banned at least 13 times, and he had a lot of teams that have been locked by the GMs.