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Rondell-Beene was a great manager of Hattrick, he lived in South Africa and he was manager of the National team of his country. A beatiful human and a very important person for HT.

Sir-Maverick-J decribe his death in the National Conference of South Africa like this:

"As many of you know already, Dylan Talbot aka. Sir-Rondell-Beene passed away on the morning of the 2nd of December. Those of you who knew Dylan may know that he was born with a condition that severely crippled his immune system. The exact name of the condition escapes me at the moment. Shortly after arriving home on holiday to Durban, Dylan fell sick. From my understanding his organs were attacked by a Bacteria that caused all sorts of problems, and eventually led to his death.

Dylan was a very dear friend of mine and I had been friends with him since I was 3 years old. Many of you know him as the alter ego Sir-Rondell-Beene, the very controversial Sir-Rondell-Beene. Dylan loved playing hattrick, that included both the on and off field activities as you all surely know by now. I have lost a great friend and I think the Hattrick community as a whole has lost one of its great characters.

The Legend of the Great Sir-Rondell-Beene will live long in the memory of Hattrick users. Writing this has been an incredibly difficult experience for me, but I felt it was necessary to let you all know what has happened to our cherished friend. In the words of Dylan...

You've Been Schooled


He died 2/12/05 and his user is still working and National Team too. Thanks Dylan for everything. Condolences for everybody in HT Comunity and Rest In Peace. (R.I.P.) "Que En Paz Descance. (Q.E.P.D.)"

This was written by "locucho" in HT, Franco in reality, from Argentina.

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