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Region: [[Tokyo]]  
Region: [[Tokyo]]  
Starting date: 10-06-2001(season 1)
Starting date: 10-06-2001 (season 1)
Trophies: 28
Trophies: 28

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Team information

Team: Shirayuri Sky

Country: Nippon

Region: Tokyo

Starting date: 10-06-2001 (season 1)

Trophies: 28

II.1 League Champion (season 1), I.1 League Champion (season 2), I.1 League Champion (season 3), Emperor's cup Champion (season 3), I.1 League Champion (season 4), Emperor's cup Champion (season 4), I.1 League Champion (season 5), Emperor's cup Champion (season 5), J-League Champion (season 6), Emperor's cup Champion (season 6), J-League Champion (season 7), Emperor's cup Champion (season 7), J-League Champion (season 8), Emperor's cup Champion (season 8), J-League Champion (season 9), Emperor's cup Champion (season 9), J-League Champion (season 10), Emperor's cup Champion (season 10), J-League Champion (season 11), Emperor's cup Champion (season 11), J-League Champion (season 12), Emperor's cup Champion (season 12), J-League Champion (season 13), Emperor's cup Champion (season 13), J-League Champion (season 14), Emperor's cup Champion (season 14), J-League Champion (season 15), Emperor's cup Champion (season 15).

National term: A Nippon national manager (from XX to XX)


Did you know?

Shirayuri Sky is a hommage to Matsu Takako, a famous japanese actress and singer, and its name comes from the interesting blend of Shirayuri Gakuen (Matsu Takako's school) and Sora no Kagami (Matsu Takako's first album).

Shirayuri Sky's fanclub name, The Red Shoes, comes from a famous fairy tale story written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Shirayuri Sky's logo and cute mascot is Mei, a character from most cherished movie ever made by Miyazaki Hayao called Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro), and Shirayuri Sky's ombudsman is Totoro.

Magic Voodoo, evil spell and curses, occult charms and rituals at Stonehenge, and Murray (the evil demonic skull and everyone favourite talisman) were all used by Shirayuri Sky for injury promotion, Saint Random bribery and other special missions in Emperor's cup finals.

saheki launched a campaign for the election of its ht-friend Indy Racing (former U-20 WC bronze medal and USA manager, first and only foreign user to become a National manager in Nippon) for the U-20 election without getting killed.

saheki is Shirayuri Sky's manager surname and he is a great fan of beltxis (Venezuela), Burn Out Koalas (Oceania) and Killagoola (Ireland) in Hattrick.

saheki's favourite team in real life is a baseball team called Seibu Lions, and he has become a fan because of a very funny cartoon series based on Koichi Tabuchi, a Seibu Lions catcher.

saheki's brother has a 2nd division team in Brazil called Vitoria Hummingbirds.

Seibu Lions was the former name of Shirayuri Sky.

Inspired by the Schindler's list moving story, saheki released more than a hundred of endangered japanese players in a week as a National manager, moving them to the relative safety of oversea teams... And that epid drama brought chaos in hattrick flooding the Nippon transfer list market!!! Since then, a National Manager should ask permission of the Gamemasters before releasing a National player. That's funny...

Shirayuri Sky youth academy produced Sekien Nakanishi (captain and midfielder of Nippon U-20 and A team), Toyokasu Sugitani (Nippon U-20 and A team midfielder), Takeshi Egawa (Nippon U-20 team striker), Takanibu Matsuo (Nippon A team midfielder), Mitsunobu Torisei (Nippon U-20 team midfielder), Toshiro Tochikura (Nippon A team winger), Sho Takahashi (Nippon U-20 and A team winger), Chojiro Oshima (Nippon A team goalkeeper), Kuemon Fujimaki (Nippon U-20 team defender), Mito Nagumo (Nippon U-20 striker), Noriyuki Horiuchi (Nippon U-20 and A team striker), Saburo Shirasu (Nippon U-20 and A team defender).

Shirayuri Sky trained Sekien Nakanishi (captain and midfielder of Nippon U-20 and A team), Toyokasu Sugitani (Nippon U-20 and A team midfielder), Yoson Masudu (Nippon A team midfielder), Mito Nagumo (Nippon U-20 striker), Kuemon Fujimaki (Nippon U-20 defender), Hiroto Toda (Nippon U-20 and A team midfielder), Miklós Pomahazi (Hungary U-20 and A team midfielder), Thomas Skov (Danmark U-20 WC bronze medal and A team midfielder), Jakob Kalmer (Danmark A team midfielder), Jens Ole Schaffer (Danmark U-20 WC bronze medal and A team (2 WC uncounted bronze medals) midfielder), Brian Jensen (Danmark U-20 and A team midfielder).

Sekien Nakanishi and Toyokasu Sugitani were the first divine midfield players in Nippon, Jens Ole Schaffer and Brian Jensen were the first divine midfield players in Danmark.

Takuma Sonoda (Nippon A team goalkeeper), Luc Rosaz (France A team defender), Pârcãlab Simionescu (Romania U-20 striker) played for Shirayuri Sky

Shirayuri Sky has the 2nd longest consecutive undefeated matches streak in Hattrick history with 140 matches.

Shirayuri Sky is the oldest team in Nippon and has 27 consecutive league and cup titles (from season 2 to 15).

saheki was the first National Team manager, he gained the 2nd term election but resigned in favour of Charleyboy.

saheki is not afraid of Tigers... :)

Shirayuri Skydome is the largest stadium in Nippon and its the home stadium of most of Nippon National team matches.

So if you believe in fairies, clap your hands, don't let Tink die... ;) believe in SHIRAYURI