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Slashers was the manager of USA club Slashers FC. In addition to his domestic success, he is best known for his two terms as manager of the national team. Slashers retired from Hattrick in September 2004. It was speculated that one reason was the criticism he received in his second term as national team manager.

First Term

Slashers won his first term in a special election after bobhemprules resigned shortly after winning the regular election. His performance was a disappointment by the standards of the time, as he was the first manager to fail to advance any U.S. national team (senior or U20) to the semifinals of the World Cup.

Second Term

Despite the disappointment in World Cup III, Slashers succeeded in winning a second term in office, and there was a great deal of anticipation going into World Cup IV, all the moreso given that the U.S. was selected as the host and would enjoy home field advantage throughout the competition. The U.S. qualified directly as one of the top eight teams in the world and was drawn into Group 4. Ominously, the U.S. came in second in the group, ahead of Austria on goal difference behind group leader (and eventual semifinalist) Romania. Nonetheless, expectations were high going into round III.

In the third round, the U.S. was drawn into Group 2. This was widely considered to be a "group of death", as the other members of the group were perennial medalists Sverige and Norge, as well as Canada. Slashers controversially attempted to get a result in the match against Sverige, spending team spirit in a match of the season. The move backfired disastrously when Jamie Meador was sent off midway through the first half, and the U.S. went on to a convincing 2 - 0 defeat. This made the cross-border rivalry against Canada a must-win game, and Meador cemented his place in the U.S. Hall of Shame by getting sent off in his second consecutive match, this time in the ninth minute (Hattrick does not enforce suspensions in national team games). The U.S. suffered an ignominious defeat, and a subsequent loss to Norge confirmed their position at the bottom of the group. The result was all the more disappointing given the U.S. status as the host nation, with the consequent home field advantage in all matches.

Although there was some sympathy for Slashers due to the critical loss of an inner midfielder to a red card in the first two games, opinions were sharply divided as to how he had approached the group. Some managers were strongly critical of the decision to try to attack the strongest group opponent, instead suggesting that the U.S. should have played it cool against Sverige and saved their team spirit for the Canada and Norge games. In any event, the completely unforeseeable double red card (Meador was not dishonest or fiery) makes it impossible to determine the success of Slashers' strategy.

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