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Spammie is a well-known manager in Nederland (and Belgium). He ain't respected everywhere, however he is respected by many users. Spammie is known because of his Ideaspam-period (Global season 23), but he's also known because of topic 2000000.1 and the Tour de Spam on de federation of Sealand

Spammia, also known as sammiedecavia, is manager of fc sammie de cavia. At the moment of writing this fc sammie de cavia plays is on 6th place the Dutch V.134 series with 4 points out of 4 matches.

Spam achievements

  • Topic 2000000.1
  • Post 1000 in Who's next (Sealand)
  • Winner of 3 etappes in Tour de Spam
  • Overall winner in Tour de Spam!!
  • Post 1000 in De Bar IV (Hattrick Drankjes Café)
  • Post 1000 in Het Terras in Hattrick Drankjes Café
  • Post 1000 in [u20] discussie (Dutch national conference)
  • Post 1000 in Wat luister jij nu? 6 op Sealand
  • Post 1000 in Hopweilanden VIII (Sealand)
  • Winner of Spammatch December (Sealand) with 101 posts