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Swiebie, a great loving caring guy. He's the owner of Hattrick Drankjes Café, a federation in Hattrick. He leads the federation and is married with hdc-prinses. Swiebie is very active in Hattrick and he always tries to help where he can help. His federation grew to 110 members already and I think thats not yet enough. Under his leading can at least 10000000 people take place. His team the Dragon of the Redroses is based on his surname. At the moment his team is doing very well in the V.200, 3rd place. But we will hear more about this great guy. His brother Digster and sister and HDC-Pluck are his Vice-Presidents, they mean a lot for the Hattrick Drankjes Café however, also his best in real life friend willywv is a great helper.