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Maccabi Ultra Adi (152996)
Managed by tomer1221
Club information
LocationHaifa Israel
ArenaMaccabi Ultra Adi Arena
Fan Club1 Seasons at VII.474 - Do I have fans?

Maccabi Ultra Adi is an Israeli team managed by Tomer1221. The team was founded in the end of 2004 (30.12.2004 at 14:25) and since then The team still resied at the same Way they at the firs time but now they were got down a 1 league to the 7th league.


The team's history is quite boring. Maccabi Ultra Adi started at VI.146 and but today she's not.

The beggining was hard and Maccabi Ultra Adi haven't managed so much. The manager Tomer1221 haven't learned the game yet, although he read the rules and some sites guide. In the 1st two season Maccabi Ultra Adi didn't have a training regime and her coach was only Weak. The team's economy didn't grow up making the team's movement to training Defending even harder.

With the help of a user (don't remember username) the team started to train defence.Tomer1221 didn't quite understand the meaning of training so he bought only two trainees: Jonny Ransons and Nadav Bonfeld.

With the help of My Friend Dolevc2 the team started to build up. He convinced the manager of Maccabi Ultra Adi to start trainning defence and explained alot to him about the wierd thing called training. The team improved alot. With the recorde of OutStanding defending at the middle (177 HT Stats). In now day's the team left defence training and moved to training Playmaker.

Achievements & Records

In now Days (april 2008) The Team of "Maccabi Ultra Adi" are reached for the 5th round of the israeli cup in her first time in history of the team.


Maccabi Ultra Adi first two seasons were a failure. Having no training regime caused Maccabi Ultra Adi to finish 6th and 4th losing too many matches and not improving.

After it with the help of Dolevc2 M.U Adi moved to training defence. Dolevc2 which at the time trained defence too helped M.U Adi with proffesionality. Some of the first trainees are still playing M.U Adi:Liron Tsuriel, Jonne Naski and more. The others were sold.

With the money M.U Adi moved to training defence to match her main opponent Fc Oshri. When the team will improve We will Be at are top of our skill finaly get out of VII.474.