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|'''Founded'''|| 03.03.2007
|'''Founded'''|| 03.03.2007
|'''Location'''||[[Delhi]], {{Flag/INDn}}
|'''Location'''||[[Delhi]], {{Flag|IND}}
|'''Prize shelf'''|| {{divIV}}
|'''Prize shelf'''|| {{divIV}}

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Founded 03.03.2007
Location Delhi,  India
Prize shelf Division IV.PNG
League III.16
Arena Theatre Of Dreams (cap. 50000)
Coach Mies Lehtinen (25068076)


2cool2loose2u is a Hattrick club from India.

The club was founded on 03-03-2007 at 13:14. It is one of the emerging clubs in the country which has a moto of not getting promoted unless it has develped to a certain standard for the next division.It took them 4 seasons to get promoted from IV.14 to III.13.They were one the best in their division when they were promoted in season 23. The are boosted by a great youth squad which has given 2 U20 prodigy till date


Season League Indian Cup Trophies
19 6th in IV.13 Not qualified none
20 2rd in IV.13 Round 1 none
21 2st in IV.13 Round 3 none
22 2th in IV.13 Round 2 none
23 1rd in IV.13 Round 2 Division IV.PNG