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'''Zlatan2601''' is the owner of [[Zlatan2601_2.0(team)|Zlatan2601_2.0]].
This team is currently playing in the fifth division in Belgium.
== Manager history & background ==
Zlatan2601 was very active in the past, playing HT from august 2005 until September 2012 with his team "zlatan2601". His first team, 'zlatan2601' reached the  the fourth division (out of 11 divisions in Belgium) and immediately achieved the second place of that season (S33), missing promotion by 2 points. The myth goes that after missing promotion to the third league after a draw in the last game (and also because his laptop broke and there was no mobile app or money he wanted to spend on a new laptop), the manager was so disappointed he sold all his players and immediately left the game to recover. With the focus never being on the cup, 'zlatan2601' never survived the 6 round (out of 15) in the Belgium cup.
After the mobile app was introduced, allowing a better balance with real life outside HT, the manager Zlatan2601 came back and raised "Zlatan2601_2.0". He won his league in his first season but he lost the p/d match on purpose and reorganised his team, focusing on training and raising money in order to be competitive within a few season and to raise a team which can slowly grow and hopefully reach the first division.
Currently (S60) Zlatan2601_2.0 is training forwards and still raising money in order to be competitive within 3-4 seasons. Besides that, Zlatan2601 is establishing a profitable youth academy and is chasing (mainly home) flags, and spending whatever free time that is left on the fora (Dutch and English) and on the transfer market.
== IRL background of the manager ==
* born in january 1990
* lives in Aalter, a small city between Ghent and Bruges (Belgium)
* Married
* Technical Business manager in pharmaceutical development
* Soccer player in RL (regional division)
* Stock trader

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