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Selling players[edit]

Hi, I don't think a player that is sold like 5 minutes before the match will play, since i thought matches are calculated when the game starts and not before. But I'm not quite sure, so where did you get the info about the 15 minutes rule? --- Jossie

Hi there The calculation of the matches starts 15 minutes before the game starts and that's why you can't change the set-up from then on. When the game starts, the calculation is already finished (if the reporter's late, the calculation is still in work). And certainly you can imagine that while the game is calculated a player can't just be taken out of the set up btw: I didn't find a source on the quick --- Drei10

Ok, but you can put a line-up in those 15 minutes, by setting a standard line-up for the next game (if you didn't set orders already), and I was always told that the match was calculated between minuut 0 and the time the reporter gets there. btw: haven't got a source quick also :)--- Jossie

I'm quite sure that this doesn't work (anymore, if it ever worked). In the past you could read this a lot. Just try it because I'm not absolutely sure but I think it's not the case. --- Drei10

Have a look here for some hard facts: HTs_on_Global/Match_calculation :) --EchoMan 21:43, April 29, 2009 (UTC) Ps. I had a source quick :D

Ayayay, this destroys my whole world view ;) Thank you! So the player won't play the game if he's sold in this time buffer of 15 minutes?

Yes, he won't play. Also: the match calculation doesn't start at 15:15 if the match is supposed to start at that moment. It only starts at the moment the reporter appears and it ends when the first match text appears.--Mod-Karlthegreat 10:13, 2 May 2009 (UTC)