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Series Naming Conventions

I think the slash looks fine personally, but my second preference would be Y.123_Country, or maybe Y.123_(Country), like V.250 (USA). Really, I think underscores are kind of messy and I prefer the slash, especially since an underscore translates to a space in wiki. If we have links on every Y.123 page with a link to all the known Y.123 series pages for each country though, the slash shouldn't matter. For instance, if you typed in V.250, the page would have a link to the USA V.250 page, the Belgie V.250 page (if it exists) and the Sverige V.250 page, instead of just having 100 different redirect pages to the league page. And we already use the slashes for other things on the wiki (user club pages, etc), so it's not like it doesn't match.

That's my opinion. --Catalyst 00:51:59, 2005-12-01 (UTC)