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[[Region]] in [[Canada]]
[[Region]] in [[Canada]]
Ranked 7th for Most Users in [[Canada]].
Ranked 7th for Most [[User]]s in [[Canada]].
== Top Teams in Vancouver ==
== Top Teams in Vancouver ==

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Region in Canada

Ranked 7th for Most Users in Canada.

Top Teams in Vancouver

1. Steamrollers 5th All Canadian
2. East Van Brawlers 3rd II.1
3. PoCo Magpies 1st III.2
4. The Kicking Nazgul 1st III.15
6. No score 2nd III.14
7. PoCo Panthers 2nd III.3
8. Vancouver Chronics 2nd III.5
9. Vancouver Hosers 3rd III.1
10. Den United 3rd III.4

As of 12/09/05