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The Commonwealth of Virginia or simply Virginia is a region in the USA. It is located in the eastern state part of the United States. The population is around 7,000,000 millon inhabiants. The capital is Richmond has 200,000 inhabitants. The largest city is Virginia Beach with 450,000 inhabitants. It was a colony of England from 1607 until 1775. In 1790 it became a state of the United States.

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Best Teams In Virginia

1. UVACavs 1st III.8
2. Izmirim 2nd III.9
3. Wahoos 3rd III.7
4. Quasar FC 3rd III.2
5. Drunk&Disorderly 4th III.1
6. Blue Wave 7th III.3
7. Connor's crusaders 1st IV.41
8. FC 3EHUT 1st IV.23
9. Cheap_Bastards 4th IV.34
10. The Renegades 5TH IV.15

Regional Federations

  • Virginia Commonwealth
  • March Madness
  • Youth League

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