Volunteer State Cup

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Volunteer State Cup
  Volunteer State Cup.png  
Cup Information
Region: Tennessee, USA
Inaugural season: 32
Coordinator: Template:Flag/USA GTWeasel
Related competitions: U.S. Cup Championship
Volunteer State Cup
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The Volunteer State Cup is a friendly cup open to all teams associated with the Tennessee region of the USA. The winner of this cup receives an invitation to the U.S. Cup Championship.


  • Information:
    • This is a knockout cup. The winner of a match advances to the next round.
    • First round matches are seeded by current league positions.
  • Match arrangement:
    • The matches have to be arranged on your own through friendly challenges in hattrick.
    • The 'friendlies' of a knockout round should be arranged in cup mode.
    • If a match wasn't arranged in cup-mode and ends with a tie the winner will be selected randomly.
    • If a match wasn't played the admin will decide on who may advance to the next round.
  • Additional rules:
    • Tennessee teams are accepted first, followed by surrounding states.
    • If one team fails to arrange the friendly then this will lead to a 5-0 defeat.
    • The winner will represent the Volunteer State Cup in the U.S. Cup Championship.
    • Teams that have participated in earlier editions will have priority for future editions.

Past champions

 Edition   Champions  Runner-Up  Third Place
I  Template:Flag/USA THE BLAST (222213)  Template:Flag/USA Radio Warriors (71048)  Template:Flag/USA Grazie Roma (224588)
II  Template:Flag/USA Erin Eagles  Template:Flag/USA Future Champions FC (70866)  Template:Flag/USA Nashville Surge
III  Template:Flag/USA Peabody F.C. (229282)  Template:Flag/USA THE BLAST (222213)  Template:Flag/USA Memphis Manglers (229368)
IV  Template:Flag/USA Memphis Manglers (229368)  Template:Flag/USA THE BLAST (222213)  Template:Flag/USA Flat Creek (221925)
V  Template:Flag/USA Southern Comfort (8600)  Template:Flag/USA THE BLAST (222213)  Template:Flag/USA Grazie Roma (224588)
VI  Template:Flag/USA Southern Comfort (8600)  Template:Flag/USA TD United (8357)  Template:Flag/USA THE BLAST (222213)

Other participants



NOTE: Only teams that are still active have been listed.