Volunteer State Cup

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Volunteer State Cup
  Volunteer State Cup.png  
Cup Information
Region: Tennessee, USA
Inaugural season: 32
Coordinator: USA GTWeasel
Related competitions: U.S. Cup Championship
Volunteer State Cup
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The Volunteer State Cup is a friendly cup open to all teams associated with the Tennessee region of the USA. The winner of this cup receives an invitation to the U.S. Cup Championship.


  • Information:
    • This is a knockout cup. The winner of a match advances to the next round.
    • First round matches are seeded by current league positions.
  • Match arrangement:
    • The matches have to be arranged on your own through friendly challenges in hattrick.
    • The 'friendlies' of a knockout round should be arranged in cup mode.
    • If a match wasn't arranged in cup-mode and ends with a tie the winner will be selected randomly.
    • If a match wasn't played the admin will decide on who may advance to the next round.
  • Additional rules:
    • Tennessee teams are accepted first, followed by surrounding states.
    • If one team fails to arrange the friendly then this will lead to a 5-0 defeat.
    • The winner will represent the Volunteer State Cup in the U.S. Cup Championship.
    • Teams that have participated in earlier editions will have priority for future editions.

Past champions

 Edition   Champions  Runner-Up  Third Place
I  USA THE BLAST (222213)  USA Radio Warriors (71048)  USA Grazie Roma (224588)
II  USA Erin Eagles  USA Future Champions FC (70866)  USA Nashville Surge
III  USA Peabody F.C. (229282)  USA THE BLAST (222213)  USA Memphis Manglers (229368)
IV  USA Memphis Manglers (229368)  USA THE BLAST (222213)  USA Flat Creek (221925)
V  USA Southern Comfort (8600)  USA THE BLAST (222213)  USA Grazie Roma (224588)
VI  USA Southern Comfort (8600)  USA TD United (8357)  USA THE BLAST (222213)
VII  USA Peabody F.C. (229282)  USA Shelbyville SC (70920)  USA Southern Comfort (8600)

Other participants



NOTE: Only teams that are still active have been listed.