Volunteer State Cup VI

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Volunteer State Cup VI
  Volunteer State Cup.png  
Cup Information
Season held: 37
No. of teams: 16
Third Place:
Volunteer State Cup
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The Sixth Edition of the Volunteer State Cup consisted of 16 teams competing in a single-elimination tournament. The final match will be held on 2009-01-22. The winner goes on to the U.S. Cup Championship.

Tournament bracket

  Sweet Sixteen Elite Eight Final Four Championship
 Roll Tide  
 Sport Clube de Bofete  
 Radio Warriors
 Shelbyville SC  
 Leanna Legion  
 Grazie Roma  
 TD United
 Cedar Creek FC  
 Southern Comfort  
 Franklin Breeze  
 Bartlett Dragons
 Teflon Weasels  
 Peabody F.C.
 ECE Chicago  
ID Match Result Date
(205428790) Roll Tide  -  Sport Clube de Bofete 2009-01-01
(205349564) Radio Warriors  -  Shelbyville SC 2009-01-01
(205433385) Leanna Legion  -  Grazie Roma 2009-01-01
(205316286) TD United  -  Cedar Creek FC 2009-01-01
(205433729) Southern Comfort  -  Franklin Breeze 2009-01-01
(205387456) Bartlett Dragons  -  Teflon Weasels 2009-01-01
(205399402) THE BLAST  -  Stompers 2009-01-01
(205316709) Peabody F.C.  -  ECE Chicago 2009-01-01