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Vootele Rammo is an Estonian player currently starting for FC Tiki Tacoz in the USA.


Vootele Rammo came to FC Tiki Tacoz after being promoted from the youth squad of Estonian club FC Pallur and later transferring to Canadian club 0-0-10. Arriving at the age of 18, Rammo was quickly inserted into the Tacoz's starting lineup and trained in playmaking, helping lead the club out of the bottom division and solidifying his place as the public face of the Tacoz.


Rammo is best known for his status as FC Tiki Tacoz's resident quotation machine, as after every competitive match since April of 2006, Rammo has offered his thoughts and comments on the evening's proceedings in the club's Press Announcements. In addition, he has offered his views for Great Moments in Tacoz History, the club's occasional series looking back on the pivotal moments in the club's history. His wit and candor have earned Rammo a considerable following both inside and outside the club, as, on the occasion of Rammo's 100th competitive match, the supporters club renamed itself to "Rammo's Army", while the Tacoz themselves have earned supporters from six nations, thanks in large part to Rammo's notoriety.

Rammo is a big fan of himself, always referring to himself in the 3rd person and seldom acknowledging the contributions of his teammates towards the success of the club. He frequently comments on his own abilities, especially his love of "ramming" (with two m's) his opponents, as well as his intense love of orange wedges.

He was recently interviewed by the Bottom Division Federation.


VI.88 Champion, FC Tiki Tacoz, Season 28