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Wenters Athletic (506815)
Wenters Athletic
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LocationGelderland Nederland
ArenaWenters Park
Fan ClubWenters Ultras

Wenters Athletic is a Dutch professional Hattrick football club located in Winterswijk, Gelderland.


Wenters Athletic was founded on the 29th of June, 2010. FRL-4ever, a bankrupt team playing in the Dutch 9th division, was taken over. The club moved to Winterswijk and built its very own stadium at the west side of town. The stadium, named Wenters Park, can hold 12 000 spectators.

Season 31: June - August 2010[edit]

The team started in the lowest Dutch division in the middle of the season. Ten out of fourteen matches had been played already, and WA was at a stable 4th position. Before the first match had been played, several players from all over the world were transfered to the club, inluding later heroes Roberto Fuina and Primo Saputo. Welshman Michael McGovern was appointed as the first head coach. The first official match was played against the kromme tenen, who were held on a 2-2 draw. Out of the last three games two were won, and one ended in a spectacular 3-3 draw. This was enough for the club to end as 4th in its first season.

Season 32: August - November 2010[edit]

Although the club finished only fourth in its first season, this was enough to promote towards the eighth division. The team not only promoted, it also made its debut in the KNVB Beker, where it lost 1-6 against third division team PSV Amsterdam. Wenters Athletic was placed in one of the strongest eighth division leagues of the Netherlands. The team started the season expeditiously, winning two out of the first three games. Later on more and more matches were lost, and it seemed impossible to finish top-5. Because of these disappointing results, Michael McGovern was fired and Arne Åsheim was appointed as the new head coach. Inspired by the new trainer, the team managed to finish its second season as fifth.

Season 33: December 2010 - March 2011[edit]

As Season 33 began - the current season - the VIII.1402-league has become a lot stronger. With the current excellent teams and a quite experienced team relegating from the seventh division, it became an even bigger challenge to finish higher than last season. This season WA would not try to become champion, but the focus will be led on training. Although, while writing this Wenters is in second position with nine points out of twelve.


Wenters Park, Winterswijk
Current capacity: 12 000

Wenters Athletic plays its home matches at the small and cozy Wenters Park. At the moment the stadium can hold 12 000 spectators. It is located in the west of Winterswijk, close to a railway station and a well-known fastfood restaurant. Because more and more matches are getting (almost) sold out, WA's board is discussing the possibility of expanding the stadium to around 18 000 seats.


League results[edit]

31 32 33

*Current season. Last update: 30 Dec 2010

KNVB Beker results[edit]

31 32 33
NQ Round

Current squad[edit]

No. Country Position Player Since
1 France GK Sébastien Lemesle 27-10-2010
2 Sverige DEF Jörgen Josefsson 11-08-2010
3 Nederland DEF Gerwin Bekkema 29-06-2010
4 Nederland DEF Wicher Keen 29-06-2010
5 España MF Víctor Sala O'Shea 29-06-2010
6 Italia MF Primo Saputo 29-06-2010
7 Magyarország MF László Matolcsy 05-07-2010
8 Italia MF Roberto Fuina 02-07-2010
9 Sverige MF Håkan Svantesson 01-07-2010
10 Nederland FW Jimmy van Bremerhaven 29-06-2010
11 Nederland FW Nicky de Haard 29-06-2010
12 Türkiye GK Tahsin Sıcak 30-06-2010
13 Nederland FW Berry Oving 29-06-2010
14 Nederland FW Jerôme van Reijsen 29-06-2010
15 Nederland DEF Joachim Goedvolk 29-06-2010
16 Nederland DEF Clarence Coenegracht 29-06-2010
17 Nederland DEF Pieter-Paul Slier 29-06-2010
18 Sverige DEF Joakim Davidsson 02-07-2010
19 España MF Antonio Guzmán Rosales 29-06-2010
20 Türkiye MF Yalın Metanet 29-07-2010
21 Chile MF Paco Sastre 01-11-2010
23 France MF Nicolas Besse 01-11-2010
24 España MF Jakob Lazkaibar 23-11-2010

Youth Squad[edit]

When Wenters Athletic was in its second season the club started its own youth academy. This team was called Wenterse Welpen. Since then several players were promoted to the first team and some were transferred. At the moment the training focus is on playmaking and scoring, and the academy holds some promising talents.

Notable youth exponents[edit]

Position Player Sold to Sold for (€)
MF Jos van der Ban Italia Sutton UTD 5 000
MF Jeen Meulenberg România terminatorii 15 000


Chairman: Nederland Buul
Head coach: Norge Arne Åsheim
Youth team coach: Nederland Folkert Jan Stoutjesdijk
Scout: Nederland Stef Rombouts
Scout: Nederland Stoffel Dijns
Scout:Nederland Giel Allevelt