West Coast Gangstaz

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West Coast Gangstaz (67850)
Managed by Thunderhawk

LocationStrathclyde Scotland
Arena2Pac Memorial Ground
Fan ClubThe Bloods & Crips


West Coast Gangstaz were formed after joining hattrick on the 25/07/02 the club will be five years old this July.

However despite playing the game for such a long period of time, the management have been unable to bring much success to the club, infact it was only after four full seasons of playing the game the club managed to set up a proper training programme. And even then, the manager only trained three playmakers instead of the possible ten.

Mistakes like this are the reason most supporters point to when you see the trophy average is one every five seasons.

The Begining

Joining with two games left of season 4 the Gangstaz were relegated into a IV Series that was full of bots. The lack of competition nearly resulted in the team being removed as the manager had no real interest or reason to login.

Two times hattrick officials had to e-mail the owner to inform him to log in or lose his side.

The III.7 Era

With a new lease of life for the game, having secured his first trainees (Two youth pulls and a Spanish signing) West Coast Gangstaz built up a rivalry with fellow III.7 side FingersInCider. It was this rivarly that inspired the Gangstaz management to concentrate on the footballing side of the organisation. Which resulted in the club securing their first series III title and earning a play off to reach series II (Which they lost 2-0)

The Big Re-Build Era

Having failed to reach Division II, the chairman sold on the entire squad (With the exception of 3 players) during Season 13 and brought in an excellent trainer and 10 young playmakers which were to become the Gangstaz most successful side.

Season 14 seen them clinch the IV.33 title in the first season of asking, while midfielder Zelaya won the first of his eleven U-20 call up's. Moving into III.2 the club continued to improve and in Season 17 finished second in the league, losing out on goal difference and making it to the final of the Scottish Cup.

Season 18 saw the club win III.2 with 13 of the 14 league matches resulting in wins for the Gangstaz.

The Clear Out

Having reached Division 2, the management took the suprise move of once again selling the entire squad, the club is currently falling down the division as it builds up its money ready for another great era.

Club Honours

  • P1 green-new.gif Series Champions III.2 season 18
  • P1 red-new.gif Series Champions IV.33 season 14
  • P1 green-new.gif Series Champions III.7 season 10
  • P1 red-new.gif Series Champions IV.64 season 5

The current logo to commemorate the West Coast Gangstaz fifth year as a Hattrick club was designed by Canadian user Oshawa. Oshawa is currently manager of Oshawa Ogre (107171) and an active member of the Hattrick Logo Federation (HaLoFe) which supplies free logos to hattrick teams.