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Greetings from the Front Office

Wetherby Park BCFC
The Black Cats
Established November 17, 2004

Wetherby Park BCFC (223401) is a working class football cooperative located in Tacoma, Washington.

The Black Cats strive to be a competitive and successful football team on the pitch, and because Wetherby Park BCFC is owned by and operated for the benefit of our supporters, our work continues off the pitch.

The Wetherby Park Black Cats Football Cooperative is proud of its aim to promote the beautiful game and work for social-economic justice.


On a bitterly cold November day in 2004, tobinov was reading a Guardian Unlimited article called "The greatest internet sports games of all time" (it is still a regular feature on the site) and followed a link to an online game they called "Hat-trick" - a few days later, on November 17, tobinov established the football cooperative Birchollow BCFC in Ann Arbor, Michigan and assumed control as the Cooperative Manager.

The Black Cats had a surprisingly good start and very early on, tobinov adopted a multi-skill approach, slowly building his team around a passable-level passing standard. This provided the Black Cats with a counterattack option which has continued to pay off over time.

On July 1, 2007, after 8 successful seasons in Ann Arbor, tobinov moved the organization to Tacoma, Washington and renamed it Wetherby Park BCFC where it remains today.

On May 6, 2013, the cooperative founded it's sister team, Saint Mungo RFC in Glasgow, Scotland.

Wetherby Park Cooperative

Wetherby Park BCFC is a (albeit, fictional) cooperative trust, owned and controlled by its membership, with each member being considered an equal in collective ownership. Members consist of two groups: supporters or sponsors.

Each member is given one vote in the administration of Wetherby Park BCFC, regardless of the amount invested in the cooperative. An elected representative is appointed as the Cooperative Manager to oversee the inner workings of the football cooperative on behalf of all members. The current CM is tobinov.

All funds received from supporters and sponsors are invested back into the cooperative with a percentage going back into the community in the form of season tickets to any individual or family unable to afford admission as well as sponsorship of Youth and Adult recreational leagues in Tacoma, with an emphasis on recruiting under-served people in the community.

No supporter or sponsor is allowed to purchase naming rights or a controlling share of the cooperative.

Sponsors investment must adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by the cooperative trust. Advertising space within Tatlin Field Tacoma, in match programs, and on the team kits of the Wetherby Park recreational leagues are given in exchange for the sponsors investment.

Equal Skill Mandate

As a guiding principle, Black Cat players must fit within the skill and wage mandate as established by the cooperative early in the team development. Recognizing the importance multi-skilled should have in the game, tobinov requires a minimum passing level and specifies that no player may exceed the primary skill or wage level of titanic unless trained above it. This approach has kept our relative expenditures down while taking full advantage of the balanced approach to the game.

Tatlin Field Tacoma

Tatlin Field Tacoma
Total capacity: 75750

Wetherby Park BCFC has a spacious, modern home in Tatlin Field Tacoma (right). The stadium is a homage to the great Vladimir Tatlin [1] who's work tobinov greatly admires. With a total capacity of 75750, it can hold one quarter of the population of the City of Tacoma. Not surprisingly, it has yet to see full capacity.

Despite the empty seats, Tatlin Field Tacoma is a considerable improvement from it's old digs, Orwell Field, in Ann Arbor (left). With a capacity of just over 23000, the Black Cats thrived in the rowdy, claustrophobic grounds of Orwell Field - But as is expected in this dollar-driven, performance-based system, success came with new demands and more revenue was required to sustain progression. Naturally, tobinov saw the opportunity to expand stadium capacity when the Cooperative moved to Tacoma, Washington.

Despite it's size, Tatlin Field Tacoma shares many key components with Orwell Field - most importantly, the Kit Factory, printing facilities, and the Our Benevolent Punk Revolutionary Klezmer Brigade! clubhouse.

Kit Factory, Printing Facilities, Bicycle Workshop

Wetherby Park maintains its own Kit Factory at Tatlin Field Tacoma. This allows the organization to control kit sale earnings and invest profits them back into the cooperative, to create local jobs through the hiring and training of seamsters, and it allows the cooperative to avoid investment in companies which manufacture kits offshore.

There is no direct kit sponsorship. Rather, the cooperative promotes awareness of an organization working for positive change. In honor of Jacques, the cooperative supports the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) [2], where he and his brother Orwell were adopted on January 2, 2001.

In addition to the kit factory, the cooperative operates its own in-house printing facilities. All tickets, match programs, posters and announcements are printed at Tatlin Field Tacoma. A percentage of ticket and program sales cover basic printing costs and staff while a majority is reinvested into the community.

In 2010, the cooperative identified the need to reduce traffic congestion around Tatlin Field Tacoma and after exploring various mass transit options, decided to open the WPBC Bicycle Workshop for the manufacture and service of our quality commuter bikes, the Black Cat. All players and staff are issued a Black Cat bike to commute into practice/work and Supporters are given discounted rates for purchase.

Our Benevolent Punk Revolutionary Klezmer Brigade!

Our Benevolent Punk Revolutionary Klezmer Brigade! love their team, they love to make music, and they love their ale. They are merry and loud, rowdy and proud but always respectful to the away crowd - Hence, the OBPRK Brigade slogan:

we welcome all with open arms...and we will send you home drunk.

The OBPRK Brigade have a core group of musicians (who obviously lead the festivities) and are supported by the another Wetherby Park institution, Heady Brewery. Heady's brews single batch specialty beer for each weekends match. Supporters "Hit the Heady" for tasty beverages and fresh, homemade meat pies before home matches. It is from Heady's that the OBPRK Brigade begins their march, Keg-Cart in tow, to Tatlin Field Tacoma.

And of course, as always, the visitors are welcome to join us - the more the merrier! Of course, we will send you home drunk, happy and winless!

Brigade History

Black Cat Brigade
Birchollow BCFC

Before moving to Tacoma, Wetherby Park BCFC was known as Birchollow BCFC and our supporters, the Black Cat Brigade, liked to sing! When visiting Tatlin Field Tacoma, you will still hear their anthem:

Birchollow Another faithful favorite comes from tobinov's hometown of Iowa City, Iowa:
O Birch-ollow Birchollow! O Birch-ollow Birchollow!
Cheers to Birchollow! A swift kick, a toe flick, The Iowa Beer Song
The Brigade is here, It's so quick, a hattrick
and we 'ave our beer Onward Onward Birchollow! In Heaven there is no beer (no beer!)
Cheers Cheers Birch-ollow! . That's why we drink it here
. Oh! OH! And when we're gone from here
O Vis-it-ors! Visitors! The visitors are drunk you know Our friends will be drinking all the beer!
Hello to the Vistors! Oh! OH!
We welcome you with open arms Give 'em the ol'heave-ho! Listen to it here... [3] :)
And we'll send you home drunk! Oh! OH!
Drunk Drunk! Drunk n' sorrow vis-it-ors! when the final whistle blow-s-OH!
. .
O Black Cats! Black Cats! BIRCH-OLLOW! BIRCHOLLOW!
Hail our to boys in black Forever we will follow
Black and gold, gold and black We 'ave our beer
We 'ave your back, go on attack! And we're forever here
Hail Hail Birch-ollow! to cheer our boys


Black Cats home kit
Black Cats away kit
Sovjet "third" kit
Free Beer home kit
Gypsy Punk away kit

The end of Season 55 marked the last competitive season of Wetherby Park BCFC. The roster was as follows:

No. Pos. Nat. Player Name No. Pos. Nat. Player Name
01 GK Romania Victor-Andrei Mihăilescu 11 W Croatia Mislav Gladić
02 DF Portugal Domingos Resgate
03 DF Argentina Gastón Sena
04 DF France Florian Le Liboux 15 MF South Africa Jeffrey Jagielka
05 DF Denmark Leif Dahle 16 MF Finland Retu Ranninen
06 DF Ukraine Vasyl Onysko 17 MF USA Andrés Jiménez
07 DF Peru Vladimiro Gonzáles 18 MF Czech Republic Radislav Štengl
08 DF Argentina Bautista Pereyra 19 MF USA Garry Gonzalez
20 MF Turkey Kazım Cengel
09 FW Norway Henning Marienlyst
10 FW Japan Yushi Nishimura 21 GK Vietnam Phạm Vũ Hòa

RIP Wetherby Park featured an all-American roster as the team made it's exit.

No. Pos. Nat. Player Name No. Pos. Nat. Player Name
01 GK USA Charlie Keen 13 MF USA Darryl Burden
- 14 MF USA Willard Dowell
02 DF USA Florian Morgan 15 MF USA Emanuel Lay
03 DF USA Joseph Edmond 16 MF USA Andrés Jiménez
04 DF USA Samuel Connell -
05 DF USA Edwin González 21 MF USA Phillip Gibbs
06 DF USA 朱 (Zhu) 长杰 (Changjie) -
07 DF USA Dion Blackmon 22 DF USA Young Soto
- 23 DF USA Hassan Inoje
- 24 DF USA Victor Kuhnke
09 F USA Lee Gonzales 25 MF USA Maurice Dryer
10 F USA Russell Hanson 26 MF USA Francis Banya
11 F USA Adil Bajwa 27 MF USA Jeremiah Rokus


Season Nationality Name Wins Loses Draws
Season 56 - End USA Garry Gonzalez
Season 51 - 55 Spain Rafael Tormo 45 20 7
Season 47 - 50 Italy Ettore Ciceri 103 26 8
Season 42-46 Spain Alberto Zofra 94 32 8
Season 37-41 Portugal Júlio César Rocha 108 28 14
Season 33-36 USA Jason Morrell 70 26 3
Season 28-33 Poland Jerzy Janich 69 63 13
Season 24-28 USA Cleo Hemphill 77 55 5

last updated 3 November 2013

League History

Season Series Position Season Series Position Season Series Position
56 V.207 TBD 55 IV.20 (#7) Seventh 54 V.158 (#1) First
53 IV.6 (#8) Eighth 52 IV.6 (#4) Fourth 51 IV.6 (#5) Fifth
50 IV.6 (#1) First 49 IV.6 (#1) First 48 IV.6 (#1) First
47 IV.6 (#3) Third 46 IV.6 (#2) Second 45 IV.6 (#4) Fourth
44 IV.6 (#2) Second 43 IV.6 (#3) Third 42 V.138 (#1) First
41 V.138 (#2) Second 40 V.138 (#2) Second 39 V.138 (#3) Third
38 IV.48 (#6) Sixth 37 IV.48 (#3) Third 36 V.70 (#1) First
35 V.70 (#3) Third 34 V.70 (#6) Sixth 33 V.70 (#4) Fourth
32 V.70 (#3) Third 31 V.70 (#6) Sixth 30 V.70 (#5) Fifth
29 V.70 (#6) Sixth 28 VI.190 (#1) First 27 VI.190 (#2) Second
26 VI.190 (#2) Second 25 VI.190 (#2) Second 24 VI.190 (#3) Third


Jacques 10.20.2000 - 12.20.2008

On December 20, 2008, our beloved Jacques was put to sleep. The Cooperative felt a heavy loss after his passing and immediately redesigned their kits and kit sponsorship in his honor. The team dedicated the 37th season to Jacques and Coach Júlio César decreed Para sempre Jacqo! (Forever Jacqo)

He is deeply missed, and while the sorrow has subsided, the Black Cats continue to honor our boy, Jacques.


On November 20, 2014, Wetherby Park BCFC will end it's decade long campaign.

In the lead up to our final season, tobinov renamed the team to RIP Wetherby Park in protest of the Raise In Prices that is killing the Hattrick we love.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to MD-JakobTrier of the Kawasaki_Tigers for his recommendation and assistance in setting up this HT wiki page. Cheers!