Who's Johan and who's Jonas?

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Together, the Hattrick team is responsible for the development of this game, but that doesn't mean all members of the team do the same thing. HT-Tjecken explains a little bit more about who's who and what they do.
Article Originally Published October 7, 2005

It's quite common in the Hattrick world that Jonas fixes a bug, but Johan gets the credit for it. And it's not only some people in the community who mix them up; even our new employees have been having the same problem - very amusing, if you ask me. Jonas is, of course, a little bit annoyed at this as Johan rarely ever fixes a bug. In fact, Johan doesn't even know how to fix such things, but still he can just sit back and relax with a diabolic smile on his face while receiving the credit.

A reason for this confusion could be that their names begin with the same two letters, but I think a far bigger reason is that most people don't know which roles we have within the Hattrick team. The Hattrick team was founded by Johan and Björn in the fall of 2001 and share responsibility for the development of Hattrick. But within the team, we have different roles and my idea here is to describe who we are and what we do. Let's start with the ones people usually mix up:

HT-Johan Johan is the CEO of Hattrick Ltd, the company that owns everything related to Hattrick. Johan deals with a lot of stuff: sales, marketing, advertisements, sponsorships, copyright questions and legalities. But there's one thing he never does; fix bugs. When he's not working or having his daily swim to win yet another bet with Mattias, his Playstation is a dear friend.

HT-Jonas Jonas is a developer and has been a team member since the start. He had been combining university studies with Hattrick duties until this spring, but is now 100% owned by the team. He's a forum designer, performance tuner, Unicode-Yoda and more - all in one! In other words, Jonas fixes a lot of bugs. He is also the only team member who has spotted the 'big five'.

HT-Bjorn Björn is the chief designer of Hattrick and also the CEO of Extralives. His role is to overall manage game design issues and performance issues, and to balance the mix of new cool features with the old nostalgia. Other than that he's often seen at the theatre, mostly on stage.

HT-Frid Frid is also a developer and joined the team in April 2004. The SMS services and the XML interface for CHPP among other things are all thanks to Frid. Lives in a church and was saved by Hattrick from an opera singer career.

HT-Sarah Sarah has been a developer padawan since November 2004. She's been working a lot with our new shop system but is also doing 'normal' development work. Doesn't know how to move on a football pitch, but can show off some really funky moves on the dance floor.

HT-Daniel Daniel is our hardware and network guru, and one of the original founders of Extralives. These days he is managing our massive server park and occasionally also helps out in other developing areas. Renovating his ancient house takes "some" of his spare time.

HT-Mattias Mattias is our business developer and joined the team in 2003. His role is to be a negotiator and dealmaker for Hattrick in order to improve our business side. The second (!) opera singer we've saved, his two kids also take some of his precious time.

HT-Trapper Trapper is a webmaster for a large Swedish telecom company during day time, but also works for Hattrick as a developer part time. A team member from the start and responsible for the CHPP network, he also acts as project leader for certain projects. Trapper is the only team member who has season tickets at a football arena.

HT-Hasse Hasse works as a high school teacher during the daytime, but also works for Hattrick part -time. Another team member from the start, today he's managing the Expekt cooperation. He's often seen fully dressed in leather. On his chopper, that is.

HT-Magnus Magnus just recently joined the team and will be working as developer. His speciality is interface and usability issues, and he will focus on that in Hattrick too. He’ll probably be our most frequent wedding singer too.

HT-Calle Calle has been working for Extralives since 2003, but not that much with Hattrick-related projects. Calle is a very all-round developer, and has great skills in programming as well as in visual design. Playing flipper is yet another thing this guy has great skills in.

HT-Pelle Pelle also joined the team recently, just two weeks before Magnus. Pelle is Calle’s sidekick and is mostly developing non-Hattrick related projects. While not doing that he's struggling hard to become a rock star.

HT-Tjecken What about myself then? I'm the community manager and I've been a member of the team from the start. My role is to give the community some tender loving care and I'm responsible for our volunteers. I'm also the only team member who actually plays football in real life.

I hope you know a little more about us and what we do now. I hope you're also able to separate Johan and Jonas, which also means that Johan can say goodbye to his easy-earned credit. Sorry, boss.

Author: HT-Tjecken