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Hattrick.png This is an official Hattrick Editorial
originally published 2007-02-05 10:02:00 by HT-Tjecken

A little bit more than a year ago I wrote an editorial about what each HT team member does. Since then a couple of new guys have joined the team, while others have got new responsibilities within the team. In other words - time for an update!

Sometimes it's very clear that a lot can happen in just one year. That's the first thing that strikes me when looking back at my old editorial about this topic. No less than five new members have joined the HT team, which also forced us to get a new office as the old one somehow got very small. Moreover, during this year Björn (formerly the chief designer of Hattrick) resigned as he wanted to focus on other things. Jonas replaced him last winter, and now he's also gotten new duties.

But even though a lot has happened, a lot also remains the same and I thought we should start in that end. Sarah, Mattias, Magnus, Hasse, Trapper, Calle, Pelle and myself haven't grown tired of our old roles. In other words we're basically still doing the same things and having the same responsibilities, so I will not waste any more space on us. More interesting are our five new members:

David joined the team in January 2006. We needed an experienced project leader and after some searching we found David. After just a few months of working he also became the CEO of Extralives - talk about a rocket career! He's a big movie fan...and of course also a fan of opera (what else could you expect?).
Berg's first name is "surprisingly" Jonas (apart from HT-Jonas, Frid's first name is also Jonas) and is our new hardware and network guru. Luckily he has shown himself way more competent than the server guy you may have seen in the Cartoon Utd comics. :)
Berg's biggest interest in life (apart from cool technical things) is Junior, his tiny, little 65 kilo dog.
Thomas joined the HT team in August as a full time developer, but he's played Hattrick since the beginning of 2003. The achievements were his first project and now he's busy with the new youth system. In his spare time he develops his
CHPP tool and he'll also take over the Maptrick CHPP site, as if programming Hattrick isn't enough. Occasionally he brings home baked bread to the office for our weekly breakfast - we like him a lot.
Hommik joined the team in August, just like Thomas, so guess his first name! Right, Toomas. Not exactly the same, but close enough. Hommik does a lot of developing work in the background in order to make the work easier for the rest of us and our voluntary staff. Hommik is also a huge fan of the TV series "Heroes".
Klas started playing Hattrick back in 2000 and was formerly known as GM-Klas. Klas has just joined the HT team and will divide his time on Clubhouse support and devlopment, Customer Service duties and other projects within Extralives. When not working you can usually find him on Eyravallen in Örebro, the home arena for his favorite team Örebro SK.

Some of these new HT team members have completely new roles, while others have filled the gaps after older team members changing focus. As I told you in the beginning, Björn stepped down as chief designer because he wanted to focus on other things and he also left the Extralives CEO hat to David. He's still part of the team though, but he's only working on other Extralives projects. Jonas took over the chief designer role after Björn in the beginning of 2006, but will from now on will also focus on other Extralives' projects. He'll keep one of his technical fingers in the Hattrick jam jar though.

This means someone needs to take the chief designer role, and this someone will be Johan. Johan will get a lot of help from Daniel though, because now when Daniel doesn't need to worry about the hardware anymore he's got lots of time to focus on what he really does best: programming. During the last year Daniel has sped up almost all the different updates (transfers and other daily updates) in the Hattrick system and is now focusing on his new little baby: the new youth squad system. Finally Frid is only working part time these days, we may have lost him to the opera scene as he's now studying to become an opera singer.

That's about it for now, but we'll soon have more people joining the HT team to strengthen both our marketing and developing side. So, I hope to be back very soon with some more presentations of new team members.